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About Australia

Australia often secures a spot at the top of many travelers’ wish lists, and rightfully so. Nestled far away in the Southern Hemisphere, it provides an opportunity to explore lands remarkably different from home. Renowned for its incredible wildlife, breathtaking landscapes, intriguing insects, and a laid-back lifestyle, Australia is a playground of fun and excitement.

One appealing aspect for many travelers is the opportunity to spend a year or two working while journeying throughout the country. This is precisely the experience I enjoyed during my extraordinary Australian adventure. For nearly two years, I lived out of my reliable campervan, traversing and working across this diverse country.

Embarking on such a massive adventure can be overwhelming initially, but this travel guide to Australia is here to address all your queries and more! I aim to equip you with the resources to explore the country in a way that best suits you, touching on things to do, how to budget realistically, and a host of other details.

During my time in Australia, I developed a deep love for multiple-day hikes, taking in the rich and varied terrain this country has to offer. Water sports, including surfing and snorkeling, became regular activities, taking advantage of the country’s extensive coastline. Even winter sports enthusiasts will find their place here, as Australia hosts some excellent winter destinations.

So, grab a cool drink, throw another shrimp on the barbie, and let’s journey to the remarkable land Down Under!

The Ultimate Great Ocean Road Guide

The Great Ocean Road is one of those places you have to see to believe. Winding around the rugged shores of southwest Victoria, the route ranks among the world’s most scenic coastal drives. With lookouts featuring giant sea stacks, sandy beaches, craggy cliffs, and verdant rainforests, the Great Ocean Road holds some of Australia’s greatest natural wonders. 

Top 9 Sydney Walks to explore the city from the coast to the bush

Sydney is an unbelievably diverse city, and its natural scenery competes with any place we’ve visited. The best Sydney walks take you to white-sand beaches, verdant forests, sandstone cliffs, and more. And you can see the most iconic Sydney attractions while you’re hiking. 

Brisbane to Sydney The ultimate road trip planner

Taking a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney is a great way to see the best of Australia’s East Coast. Almost 1000km of incredible coastline stretches between these two capital cities. There are stunning national parks and tons of cool coastal towns to explore. 

The Best time to travel to australia

Are you planning on going to Australia for a year or longer? Check out the part further down in this blog post on how you can travel around Australia, while only having summertime. 365 days of summer, who doesn’t want that!?