The land of kangaroos and koalas, but also the land where the most venomous animal species can be found.
Are your ready to explore Australia!?

Van Life

Australia is a top destination when it comes to the Van Lifestyle


Australia is a huge country with a lot of different climates, landscapes and timezones!


Australia is home to more animal species than any other developed country in the world

Go Down Under to Australia a country that offers something for everyone!

No matter if you want to go to Australia for a short period of time or for years. This huge country will surprise you! It is an amazing country to explore by car. No matter if you rent it or buy it!

Are you looking for a place to work, or to discover, to meet new people or learn new skills? Australia is where it all happens!

The country has many different climates, a lot of animals and beautiful beaches waiting for you to discover!


The best time to travel Australia: An overview per region

Australia is such a big country that is has many different climates in different parts. This blog post will give you an overview of the climates per region and the best time to travel Australia in these regions. We also provide a travel planner to travel around Australia only having summer!


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9 good reasons that make you want to visit Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is a stunning place of Australia where the wild rain forest meets the empty beaches. Read here 9 reasons that really want to make you visit Cape Tribulation

How to survive the epic Jatbula Trail in the NT

The Jatbula Trail is an epic full-pack multiple day hike in the Northern Territory of Australia. The trail leads you in 5 to 6 days through the Nitmiluk National Park with beautiful views, awesome waterholes and lovely campgrounds.

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