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Review of The North Face The One Bag – Is This Really the Best Sleeping Bag Ever?


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If you go exploring without a great sleeping bag, you’re not likely to get a great sleep! We’ve tried and tested tons of sleeping bags in a range of countries and climates. One sleeping bag stands out from the rest – The One bag from The North Face!

After using this North Face sleeping bag on several trips, in several countries and in several climates, we wrote this review on The North Face The One Bag. Keep on reading to get to know what we like and dislike about this bag and find out if it is the best sleeping bag you can get.

Why we chose this 3 in 1 North Face sleeping bag

Any camping gear we buy has to tick these three boxes, versatility, performance, and quality. The One from The North Face has it all! We simply LOVE this North Face One bag sleeping bag. It’s patent-pending 3 in 1 system is super smart and allows you to transform the bag to match the temperature. You can take a sleeping bag this versatile cold weather camping up a mountain and on a summer road trip (more on that below!) But does The One bag live up to the hype?

Using The One’s 3 in 1 sleeping bag system 

When camping in cold weather, you can never replicate the comfort of your own toasty bed at home. But you can create conditions that are warm and cosy enough for a good night’s sleep!

The One will keep you warm in temperatures as low as -15°C (5°F). This is possible thanks to its 3 in 1 bag system which consists of: 

  • A bottom layer
  • A removable mid layer of compressible 800-fill-power goose down
  • A removable outer layer of lightweight, synthetic material

Sleeping bag temperature ranges explained

To understand what conditions The One bag is most suitable for, we need to take a look at sleeping bag temperature rating systems. 

You will see ratings listed as “EN” (European Norm) or “ISO” (International Organization for Standardization). We’ll use the EN system in line with The North Face. For a more in-depth explanation of temperature ratings see this great article from REI.

En Comfort-1.5°C/ 8°C (29°F/ 46°F)The air temperature at which an average female can comfortably sleep
EN Lower Limit-8°C/ 3°C (17°F/ 38°F)The air temperature at which an average male can comfortably sleep
EN Extreme-24°C/ -6°C (-11°F/ 21°FThe EN standards warn that sleeping In this range a strong sensation of cold is to be expected and there is a risk of health damage by hypothermia. 

You may have noticed that the rating lists a higher temperature for women to sleep comfortably than men. This is because women generally have lower overall body and muscle mass. You should also take your own personal thermostat into account. Older people and those with poor circulation feel the cold more, so should also aim higher. 

Mid layer and outer layer for cold weather

Option number one is to use the mid layer and outer layer together for a super warm winter sleeping bag. While The One bag isn’t suitable for an EN Extreme temperature range, it can keep you safe in temperatures as low as  -15°C (5°F) providing you take other precautions to keep warm such as wearing layers and using a good quality sleeping mat.

This North Face sleeping bag was one of the most important items on our treasured Iceland Packing List! On very cold nights we used an extra “extreme liner” inside the bag to give us an extra few degrees of comfort. 

Mid layer only for shoulder season

Option number two is to remove the synthetic outer layer and use only the goose down mid-layer. This option has you covered down to around -7°C (20°F) temperatures and is ideal for trips during shoulder season. 

Outer layer only for summertime

Option number three is to remove the goose down mid layer and sleep with only the synthetic outer layer. This option is for when the weather will reach lowest temperatures of around 5°C (40°F). 

Using only the outer layer also works when the weather is much warmer than 5°C (40°F) but you like the comfort of sleeping in a bag. We went for this option during our cycling trip in Switzerland and, most of the time, zipped our bags all the way open and used them as blankets!

The North Face The One sleeping bag is so versatile!

No one wants to buy two or even three bits of camping gear when one does the trick! Being able to use the same sleeping bag for a wide range of trips and temperatures is awesome. But you can also use this sleeping bag on single trips where you’ll experience a wide range of temperatures. This is important for us as we love to sleep outdoors in all kinds of landscapes. One trip could take us camping up a mountain, on a beach and in a valley. And our love of a long road trip is well-documented! Being able to take one sleeping bag on a trip like this is so handy!

More benefits of The One bag

The One bag’s 3 in 1 design isn’t the only feature we love. Check out all these other details:

Compressed sleeping bag 

The mid layer of The One bag is compressible. This is super important when you’re backpacking and don’t want to be carrying extra bulk. A compressed sleeping bag is an absolute must for us; why carry more than you need to! If you’re using the mid layer, the weight of the sleeping bag is 1.7kg (3lb 12oz) which is a little heavier than the other bags we’ve used but in our opinion, it’s worth it. 

Lightweight bag for warm weather

You can remove the mid layer and leave it at home. When using The One bag in its warmer weather configuration with only the outer layer it is super lightweight at 1kg (2lb 3oz). 

Cool blankets

Both layers are also designed to be used as super cool blankets! We love to use the mid layer as a blanket when sitting around a campfire at night. Or, you can use the outer layer as a nice blanket when it’s not quite warm enough to sleep with nothing at all.


From our many adventures in icy climates, we know how important it is to keep your head warm at night! This sleeping bag has a hood that’s both spacious and cosy. Use the cord inside the hood to pull the opening tight around your face and stop any cold air getting in. 

Vaulted footbox

At the end of this sleeping bag is a vaulted footbox which stops your feet from resting on the cold ground. If you’re not as tall as your bag, you can also use the footbox as a handy place to store belongings overnight. Store your day clothes this way and they’ll feel warm when you put them on!

U-shaped Zippers

We didn’t know we needed sleeping bags that unzipped at both sides until we got them! The One bag has glow in the dark u-shaped zippers that mean you can open both sides of the bag. It’s super convenient when you’re sharing a tent (no need to scramble all over each other!) but it’s also useful for regulating body temperature if you’re a bit of a sweaty sleeper.


This bag is ROOMY. 198cm long (78 inch) and 155cm wide (61 inch) at the top, there’s plenty of room in The One bag to move around and store belongings. We’ve never had sleeping bags we can both actually roll over inside before and it’s very luxurious! 

Lifetime Warranty

Finally, The North Face One bag sleeping bag comes with a lifetime warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in the bag’s materials and issues with workmanship, no matter how long you’ve had the bag. The lifetime warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear. Wear and tear is defined as damage that occurs as a result of normal use. In our experience, this bag is such high quality that you can expect it to last many, many years.

Anything we don’t like about The North Face The One bag? 


If you’re used to carrying a lightweight sleeping bag, you may find The One bag a little heavy. There are 3 layers – one of which is goose down – and tons of zippers that add weight. It’s not noticeably heavy when you pick it up but if you compare its total weight of around 1.8kg (4lbs), you may find it’s heavier than your previous bag. But keep in mind thought this is only when you pack the complete sleeping bag and then you have a sleeping bag that keeps you warm in the coldest circumstances. So, if you compare this sleeping bag with others on weight, make sure to compare the right set-up of this sleeping bag.

Compression stuff sack

The stuff sack that comes with The One bag doesn’t condense the whole thing down as tightly as it could. We used an Osprey compression sack to make the bag fit more snugly in our backpack. On the plus side, the compression stuff sack is lined with soft material on one side so you can put clothing inside and use it as a pillow. Great feature!


We like all the zippers because without them, The One bag wouldn’t be anywhere near so versatile! The zippers run smooth and are good and strong but using them so often we found them a little sticky. You have to pull back the lining material to avoid the zippers getting stuck which is time consuming and tricky in the dark! But even if the zippers do stick, the material is so high-quality that it won’t tear. 

The North Face The One Bag cost versus performance

The North Face website lists The One bag at a price of $290.00 – $300.00. While this is definitely not cheap, we definitely find it’s good value for money. You’re getting three amazing sleeping bags for the price of two less-than-perfect ones. If you buy this sleeping bag you know you’re covered whatever kind of trip you might plan for the future. The bag will last for a long time and as The North Face is known for its great customer service you’ll be well taken care of if something goes wrong. 

The One bag delivers on its performance promises and the quality is as high as you would expect from a brand like The North Face. We can take this sleeping bag on our many adventures, no need to worry whether it’s suitable. This North Face sleeping bag is The One for us!

Have you got The One and do you love it as much as we do?! If not, do you have a different recommendation for a versatile, high-quality sleeping bag? Let us know in the comments.

Is The North Face The One Bag the best sleeping bag?

We have tried and tested several sleeping bags but none of them was as versatile as The North Face The One Bag. The 3 layer system makes this sleeping bag your perfect companion on every backpacking trip. Although we could mention some small downsides, they definitely don’t outweigh the pros of this sleeping bag. And so, we do dare to say that this North Face sleeping bag is the best sleeping bag you can find if you are looking for a versatile and four-season one.

Check out the video below to check out the system of this sleeping bag:

North Face

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