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Transport is one of the essential things you need when you want to get around. Whether you want to go from one to another country or getting around within a city.

In our blog posts, we provide you with tips and tricks about flights, public transportation and more.

Rome 2 Rio the ultimate transport planner

Rome2Rio: The ultimate transport tool every traveler needs

Rome2Rio is a helpful tool where you can find all possible transportation options to bring you from A to B. They have a website and an app available which you can use for free. Easily tell the search engine where you would like to start and where you would like to go. It will show you all possible routes by train, bus, ferry, car and plane!

9 good reasons that make you want to visit Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation is a stunning place of Australia where the wild rain forest meets the empty beaches. Read here 8 more reasons to visit Cape Tribulation