Kallur Lighthouse Hike

Your Guide to the Kallur Lighthouse Hike – Kalsoy, Faroe Islands


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There are dozens of incredible hikes around the Faroe Islands, and it’s one of our favorite trekking destinations. From short climbs to multi-day expeditions, the 18-island archipelago is a hiker’s paradise. During our Faroe Islands trip, we had the chance to hike around the country, but some trails stood out more than others. 

The Kallur Lighthouse hike was one adventure that made a lasting impression on us while exploring the Faroe Islands. This was our favorite Faroe Islands hike, and we think it’s an absolute must-see for every person who visits the country. 

To help you plan your hiking excursion, our guide outlines everything you need to know about the hike. We’ve included directions to the trail, costs, tips, and other crucial info to prepare you for the journey. Read below to find out why we think the Kallur Lighthouse hike should be on any Faroe Islands itinerary. 

Fact: Kalsoy is so incredible that they used the scenery in the newest James Bond movie ‘No time to Die’.

How do I get to the Kallur lighthouse?

Kalsoy Ferry

Getting to Kalsoy Island isn’t complicated, but it does require some planning before you hit the road. Unlike many other islands of the archipelago, no bridges or tunnels connect Kalsoy to the highway system. To reach Kalsoy and begin the Kallur Lighthouse hike, you must take ferry number 56 from Klaksvík. 

You must know the ferry schedule to ensure you don’t get stuck on the island. The kalsoy ferry transports vehicles, but space is limited to 17 cars and the lines get incredibly long during high season. If you’re staying in Tórshavn, the drive to Klaksvík takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes with zero stops. From Klaksvík, the ferry drops you off on the southern end of Kalsoy in a village called Syðradalur. 

The direct journey from Klaksvík to Syðradalur takes around 20 minutes and there are many departures each day. In summer time it will be (6.30am, 8am, 10am, 2.50 pm, 4.10pm, 5.15pm, 6.20pm and 10.15pm) We advise keeping the ferry schedule handy to know exactly which times you wish to reach Kalsoy and head back to Klaksvík. The ferry accepts foot passengers, but you’ll need to rent a car to reach the Kallur Lighthouse.

Vehicles must be in line at least 15 minutes before departure, but you should get there earlier during the summer. Once the ferry is full, no more vehicles are allowed on the boat and missing a spot on the day’s last ferry will leave you stranded on Kalsoy. You can’t book tickets in advance for the ferry and that is why it’s crucial to know which ferry times you need before you depart. 

Klaksvík to Syðradalur Ferry Costs

For a standard car and the driver, a return ticket on the ferry costs 160 DKK (about 25 USD, 21.50 Euro, or 19.50 GBP). Additional adult passengers must pay 40 DKK (about 6.25 USD, 5.35 Euro, or 4.90 GBP) per person. The fare for vans, trucks, and campers 5-7 meters and the driver is 370 DKK (about 58 USD, 50 euro, or 45 GBP).

You can double check the Kalsoy ferry price here just in case they change from the time you read this guide. Cash and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment to pay your ticket once on the ferry. 

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How to drive from Syðradalur to Trøllanes

Although the ferry drops you off in Syðradalur, this is NOT where you begin the Kallur Lighthouse hike. Once you’re in Syðradalur, you must drive to the northern side of the island until you reach the village of Trøllanes. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Trøllanes, and the one-track road takes you straight to the village. 

You won’t get lost since it’s the only road on the island, but be prepared to drive through four dark, narrow tunnels. Inside the tunnels, there are several turnouts to your right to yield to oncoming traffic. Drive slowly through the single-lane tunnels, and make sure to turn on your headlights. After you exit the final tunnel, the road veers down a series of sharp curves before reaching the parking area in Trøllanes. 

The parking lot marks the start of the Kallur Lighthouse hike and has space for around 8 vehicles. During high season, you may need to park in a tight squeeze due to the increased number of tourists. There is also a public bathroom, general store, and info about Kalsoy in the parking area. 

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How do I get to Mikladalur?

Detour to Mikladalur

Kalsoy has four villages with a combined population of under 100 residents, and the last settlement before Trøllanes is named Mikladalur. Less than 10 minutes from Trøllanes, Mikladalur is best known for the selkie statue that’s steeped in urban legend. 

Called the “Kópakonan,” the statue depicts a woman thought to be a seal that sheds its skin to pose as a human. One evening, a Mikladalur farmer watched the selkie maiden dance and hid her skin to prevent her from returning to the sea. Eventually, she escaped and warned the farmer not to harm her husband or children during the seal hunt. 

The farmer ignored the selkie maiden’s warning, and her husband and children were killed during the hunt. When she discovered the fate of her family, she swore revenge on the men of Mikladalur by saying they would drown at sea or fall from the mountaintops. Strangely, there are still ominous occurrences of Mikladalur men dying at sea or falling off cliffs. 

Mikladalur residents take the curse seriously, and the Selkie statue is an eerie reminder of her plot for revenge. While the seal woman legend makes the monument a cool place to visit, the mountainous backdrop creates an incredibly gorgeous photo before your hike. After watching the Selkie maiden standing amongst the crashing waves, head north on the main road to drive the final stretch to Trøllanes. If you want to know the whole story of the Seal Woman, click here.

The hike to the Kallur Lighthouse

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After planning ferry routes, driving through ghostly tunnels, and hearing frightening tales, it’s finally time to conquer the Kallur Lighthouse. The hiking path isn’t strenuous, but the weather forecast can potentially make the hike dangerous. It’s not uncommon for the Faroe Islands to become extremely windy and foggy on a moment’s notice. 

Fortunately, we had clear skies on the day we decided to do the Kallur Lighthouse hike. Our Faroe Islands trip was around the end of October, and sunset came early during our trek. There was a moderate elevation gain of around 1,000 feet, but this Faroe Islands hike was still pretty doable. 

What made this trail our favorite was the dramatic cliffside views from the charming lighthouse. The Kallur Lighthouse isn’t impressive by itself, but it sits beneath a jagged sea cliff lingering above the Atlantic Ocean. Lush, green fields surround the lighthouse during the summer, and blankets of snow adorn the landscape by winter. 

When we hiked the trail in October, we watched shades of orange, pink, and purple swirling together to create a magnificent sunset panorama. Standing on the cliffside felt like being on the edge of the world and was the best view we had in the Faroe Islands. Luckily, we made it back to Syðradalur in time to catch the last ferry of the evening.  

Tips for your Kallur Lighthouse trail

Before starting the Kallur Lighthouse hike, save these useful tips that may be a lifesaver on the trail.

  •  Check the weather forecast before departing for Kalsoy Island. The path becomes too dangerous during windy, foggy conditions and will put your life in danger. 
  • The grassy, muddy trail can be slippery, and a normal pair of sneakers will not support you on this hike. Make sure to bring the right hiking boots for good traction that prevent you from falling and slipping on the trail.
  • From the parking lot, there is a red gate that signals the start of the trail onto the trodden path. Shut the gate behind you since the grassy field is actually private property.
  • After walking through the gate, stay to the right and hike around the base of the mountain. Avoid the steep hill to your left since it will make your trek to the lighthouse more difficult.
  • We didn’t notice any signage pointing the right way to the lighthouse but uploading a GPX file to a GPS watch can help you find your way.

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Tour to kallur lighthouse

The largest marketplace of tours in de Faroe Islands all operated by local people is: Guide to Faroe Islands. The tours they provide are so unique and you can pick a day tour or book a package and just relax and enjoy the amazing islands. For more information click here. My favourite tour is the 7 hour Kalsoy Island & Kallur Lighthouse tour.

FAQ hiking to kallur lighthouse

How do I get to the Kallur lighthouse?

From the ferry on Kalsoy, set direction to Trøllanes and from there you need to hike 30-45 minutes to reach the Kallur lighthouse.

How do you get to Kalsoy from Tórshavn?

As there is no direct connection between Tórshavn and Kalsoy. You can take a helicopter flight to Klaksvik and from there you can take ferry number 56 to Kalsoy.

How do you get to Kalsoy Island?

You can get to Kalsoy Island by taking the ferry for 20 minutes from Klaksvik. There are multiple daily departures. 

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