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Travel Tips 7 of Europes Best Places for Valentine's Day 2020 - for Adventurous...

7 of Europes Best Places for Valentine’s Day 2020 – for Adventurous Couples

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This post is also available in: Nederlands

Celebrating love and seeking adventure, does that fit together? Oh yes, it does! Make the 14th of February an adventurous romantic day at one of these best places for Valentine’s day in Europe!

Valentine’s day, the 14th of February, is the day of death of St. Valentines. You’d almost think there’s nothing romantic about it. But St. Valentines had a good heart and concerned about the poor, elderly and vulnerable people in the world. He always brought them flowers during his many visits.

It’s only since the 14th Century though, that the tradition of courtly love flourished. And in the ’90s Valentine’s day developed into a true commercial event with secret postcards, lots of flowers and many other presents to express your love.

But seriously, how can this sweetish and soft occasion become an adventurous thing? Well, let me just show you! Here’s the top 7 op best cities in Europe to celebrate an adventurous Valentine’s day. I’ll tell you of each destination what to do, which restaurants to go and where to stay.

7 of Europes Best Places for Valentine’s Day 2020 – for Adventurous Couples

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland stole many adventurous hearts with its dramatic landscapes and many natural wonders. But is this place also a romantic gateway for two?

You might not expect it, but Reykjavik in Iceland is actually a pretty romantic city. Especially the Old Town area with its charming buildings, cute little shops, and intriguing museums.

It’s also the gateway to the Blue Lagoon, where you can bath in a natural hot pool. Besides, the beach is around the corner and there are many waterfalls and other romantic sights to explore in the Reykjavik area.

Romantic Reykjavik

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Reykjavik

Although it might be freezing cold halfway through February, it is possible to snorkel in the Silfra Fissure. This is a natural gap between two tectonic plates, filled with bright blue water. Experience one of the purest and clearest waters you’ll find on the planet and travel between two continents.

Grab each other’s hand while dressed in a dry suit and experience this out-of-this-world adventure together. Enjoy a hot chocolate together at the end to warm up after a dip in this ice-cold water.

Not such a big fan of the cold? Enjoy a warm evening out. Relax together in the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest geothermal pools of Iceland, before enjoying a dinner buffet of local Icelandic delicacies. To make the evening complete and a bit more adventurous, go on a hunt for the Northern Lights under the dark night skies of the countryside.

Romantic places to eat in Reykjavik

Why not check out here: how to combine an adventurous day trip with an Icelandic Home Cooked dinner? During the day explore the beautiful nature and the amazing landscapes of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Lunar landscapes, volcanic craters, snow caps, and lava fields, you can all find it on this Icelandic peninsula. End the day at a horse ranch where you can enjoy a home-cooked meal of local food.

Not sure yet where or what you want to eat in Reykjavik? No worries! Enjoy an evening food-tasting tour around Reykjavik. Try 13 typical Icelandic dishes in 6 different venues around this beautiful town.

Romantic places to stay in Reykjavik

One of the more affordable, but a good place to stay is 101 Guesthouse. It’s located in the city center and you can book breakfast as an extra option. It also has a restaurant if you don’t feel like going anywhere after an adventurous day! A double room can be booked from US$ 53 a night.

For a bit more luxurious stay, you could have a look at Freyja Guesthouse & Suites. Both the Hallgrímskirkja Church and the Solfar Sun Voyager are within walking distance. Breakfast is optional and room rates start from US$ 152 a night.

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6. Berlin, Germany

Although Berlin might not be the first city to get to mind when you think of a romantic gateway, it is filled with secret spots and a lot of places to take a romantic date or to escape to as a couple. That for Berlin is one of the best places to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Valentines Day Berlin

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Berlin

Did you ever sit in a plane with just your beloved one and a pilot? Well, here’s your chance! Take a private scenic flight above Berlin and explore the city from the sky. Personalize your route with the pilot and take in the panoramic views you want to see.

In for a break from the real world and go on an illusional adventure? Let your eyes get tricked at the Illuseum. Discover a unique place and find out if your love isn’t an illusion!

Or check out this thrilling virtual reality experience by traveling back in time. Embark on a magical trip to the 1980’s and immerse yourself in the era of the Berlin Wall. Cross over the East/West border via virtual reality. Are you able to keep your lover safe?

Romantic places to eat in Berlin

Dine at a unique venue at the Käfer rooftop restaurant in Berlin’s Reichstag building. Take in the views of Berlin at night while you enjoy a 3-course meal.

Want to get a view from an even higher altitude? What about panoramic city views from Berlin’s TV Tower as you enjoy a 3-course dinner in the Sphere restaurant?

Romantic places to stay in Berlin

A good budget option is this hostel: Lette’m Sleep Berlin. It is situated in one of the most popular and trendy districts of Berlin, in the Prenzlauer Berg district and only 3 metro stops away from Alexander Platz. A double room can be booked from US$ 49 a night with a shared bathroom.

A highly rated hotel is the Riu Plaza Berlin. All rooms offer luxury furniture and a private bathroom. The location is great as well, only a 5 minute walk away from Kurfürstendamm and the world-famous KaDeWe department store. Rooms can be booked from US$ 90 a night.

5. London, United Kingdom

The stunning architecture and gorgeous city parks in London make it one of the best places to spend Valentine’s day in Europe with your beloved one.

Although London is a big city, nature is calling from around the corner. Which makes it a perfect Valentine’s gateway for the adventurers among us.

best places for valentines day 2020: London

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in London

Are you in for an adventure in the city? Get ready and check out this incredible experience to climb the roof of the O2 Arena, the world’s most popular entertainment venue. Discover the city from another angle and get some beautiful views. Make it even more romantic by sharing champagne on the roof to celebrate the climb and your love for each other of course!

Is nature calling? Discover the White Cliffs of Dover with spectacular coastal views in a day-trip. Enjoy a coastal breathtaking walk at the Kent Countryside, also known as the garden of England.

Romantic places to eat in London

See the sights of London illuminated in the darkness from a boat at the Thames river. Enjoy a 5-course menu, choosing from different dishes of delicious food for each course during this luxury dinner cruise.

Want some more entertainment during your dinner? Check out the Jazz Dinner Cruise. A 3-course meal is served after a glass of sparkling wine as a welcome drink. Don’t be shy and take your Valentine for a dance!

Romantic places to stay in London

London isn’t one of the cheapest destinations to celebrate Valentine’s day when it comes to accommodation. But the Lord Kensington Hotel offers double rooms for a reasonable US$ 75 per night. As the hotel is located in the stylish borough of Kensington and Chelsea you won’t feel bored if you are interested in architecture, monuments, and theatre.

The Goodenough on Mecklenburgh Square offers you a bit more luxury. The 4-star accommodation overlooks the quiet garden square in London’s Bloomsbury, and is only a 900m walk away from King’s Cross and St Pancras International stations. Rooms can be booked from US$ 208 per night which includes a continental breakfast.

4. Paris, France

Paris is probably the most famous city when it comes to romance. The small streets, the cozy eateries, the famous wine & cheese plates etc. Therefore it is one of the best places for valentine’s day.

But is there also a way to make Paris an adventurous destination? Yes, there is!

Romantic Paris

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Paris

Going up to the Eiffel Tower is definitely an adventurous thing to do. And I don’t mean going all the way up with the elevator, but take the stairs instead!

The 704 steps towards the 2nd level of the Eiffel Tower will give you an opportunity to admire the bird’s eye perspective of Paris from above. Once you arrive on 57m of altitude, you can walk on a massive glass floor to take a few keepsake photos!

Upgrade your ticket to go all the way to the summit and enjoy a view from the highest panoramic viewing platform of Paris!

Romantic places to eat in Paris

After a stunning, but exhausting climb, it’s time to sit down and relax. What do you think about this 3-course dinner cruise on the Seine River. See Paris lightened up in the darkness and enjoy a romantic dinner.

Not such a fan of a boat? Head out to the Moulin Rouge to see a show and enjoy your special Valentine’s dinner on the most love-related spot in Paris.

Or enjoy some French wine during the O Chateau’s Wine Tasting Dinner. Of course, there’s also the option to just wander around the lovely streets and pick any cozy eatery you can find on your way!

Romantic places to stay in Paris

A nice budget option in Paris is Hotel de l’Europe Belleville with its beautifully decorated rooms. If you don’t mind sharing a bathroom, you can book a double room from $US 50 a night. Rooms with a private bathroom can be booked from US$ 58 a night.

If you have a bit more to spend you can look for the Mercure Paris Opera Grands Boulevards Hotel. Book a double room from US$ 133 with a city view and enjoy the sunset, or the sunrise for the early love birds, from your bed. Breakfast is optional.

3. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is definitely a romantic city and you know what I’m talking about as soon as you see the sunset over the city from the Fishermans Bastion. The lights in the city turn on one by one and light up the Danube river which separates Buda from Pest.

Luckily there are also a lot of adventurous things to do in Budapest, Hungary, which makes this city one of the best places in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s day in 2020 with your adventurous beloved one.

Romantic Budapest

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Budapest

In Budapest, you can try a new type of experience, a mix between a tour, outdoor escape game, and treasure hunt: The Haunted Budapest Exploration Game & Tour. Explore the city of Budapest by foot, walking hand in hand, and help each other out solving clues to discover haunted places.

Not such a big fan of city life? Withdraw yourself in nature with a half-day hike in the Buda hills that will give you breathtaking panoramic views over the Buda Hills and Budapest itself.

Or take the adventure to the next level and check out this experience: The world beneath the city. Help each other crawling through some really narrow and tiny spaces in the longest natural cave beneath the streets of Budapest.

Romantic places to eat in Budapest

Keep the adventure going and take this 3-hour cooking class in Budapest to prepare your own typical Hungarian 3-course lunch. Learn more about how to work with different ingredients and flavors, and sip delicious wines from Hungary along the way.

Prefer to let someone else cook a meal for you? Go on a romantic candlelight dinner cruise on the Danube River. During your 4-course dinner you’ll enjoy the live music and the stunning landmarks and monuments of Budapest illuminated after dark.

Or maybe you want nothing else than to totally relax after an adventurous day. Then the Rudas Spa Wellness and Dining Experience is perfect for you. Revitalize your body and soul in the relaxing thermal waters and enjoy astonishing views of the Danube River and Budapest. Your delicious 3-course a la carte meal will be served from the cozy bistro.

Romantic places to stay in Budapest

In Budapest you get true value for money when it comes to accommodation. Enjoy a double room, with private bathroom in the middle of the city centre from only US$ 49 a night at the Hungaria City Center Hotel.

Or provide yourself and your beloved one with the luxury of a spa at Danubius Hotel Arena. Double rooms can be booked from US$ 80 a night.

2. Bled, Slovenia

Bled Lake in Slovenia, might be one of the most romantic lakes in Europe, if not in the world! The tiny island in the middle with a fairy-tale look-a-like castle, the mountains with snow on their peaks and the beautiful nature all around it make it easy to feel the romance.

If I tell you that there’s a couple of adventurous things to do in the close surroundings, Bled is definitely one of the best places for Valentine’s day in Europe.

Best places for valentines day 2020: Bled Lake

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Bled

Bled Lake offers a couple of options here! What do you think about Ice climbing on a frozen waterfall? From Bled, head out to one of the magical, hidden winter spots in the region. Take in the breathtaking views and feel the butterflies in your tummy from pure joy when you reach the top.

More in for a beautiful hike? See these 7 Alpine Wonders during a scenic full-day tour which will let you step into a real-life winter fairy tale. Hike towards breathtaking gorges, waterfalls, and springs and take in the wonders of pure nature.

Romantic places to eat in Bled

Enjoy a view on the Bled Lake while you are having a romantic dinner at the Bled Castle Restaurant. Taste some of the local and regional dishes and enjoy the luxury of their excellent service.

More in for wine tasting? Taste the top wines from several regions of Slovenia. Learn interesting facts and enjoy the romantic scenery of a hundred years old wine cellar.

Romantic places to stay in Bled

Set in a Romantic 19th-century villa, Penzion Vila Prešeren is located directly at the shore of scenic Lake Bled. Rates from US$ 86 per night incl. breakfast.

If you just can’t get enough of that beautiful Bled Lake, check out Penzion Zaka. They offer antique-style furnished rooms with a view over the lake. In for a stroll around the lake? The lakeshore is on your doorstep. Rates from US$154 per night incl. breakfast.

TIP: You can also check out Airbnb, as there are many accommodations available. Sign up here for Airbnb and get a € 25 discount on your first booking!

1. Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi is the best place in Europe for Valentine’s day in 2020. The snowy trees, the Northern Lights and the husky puppies will make you feel like you’re dreaming your own love story!

There are many romantic adventurous things to do in Rovaniemi, which is situated in Finnish Lapland. Let’s have a look at them.

Best places for valentines day 2020: Rovaniemi

Adventurous, yet romantic things to do in Rovaniemi

Who doesn’t fall in love with huskies!? Drive your own team of sleigh dogs on a sparkling snowy track, through the spectacular Finnish forest trails. Share your sleigh with your beloved one to make it a truly romantic adventure. With a bit of luck there’s puppies around that want to be cuddled!

Or enjoy the Vaatunki Hiking Arctic Circle Trails. These trails offer a range of difficulties suitable for everyone and lead your through the beauty and tranquility of Lappish nature in the arctic circle. After the hike, you can stay warm near an open campfire and enjoy a Finnish lunch.

Romantic places to eat in Rovaniemi

In for a traditional Lappish BBQ on an open bonfire under the Romantic Northern Lights? Enjoy the lakeside scenery away from the city where there is no light pollution to offer you the best chance of seeing this natural phenomenon.

More in for a luxury meal? Check out these unique surroundings of an Ice restaurant. Get a welcome-drink from an ice glass at the ice bar and admire the ice sculptures before you enjoy your 3-course meal.

Romantic places to stay in Rovaniemi

When it comes to the best romantic places to stay during Valentine’s day in 2020, Rovaniemi is also on top of the list!

For a budget option, have a look at First aparthotel Blitzen in the city center of Rovaniemi. Apartments offer a private bathroom, a patio and city views. Rooms can be booked from US$ 80 a night.

You can get a bit more luxury from US$ 163 a night, incl. breakfast at Scandic Pohjanhovi Hotel. Besides friendly staff and clean rooms, the accommodation offers a 19m long swimming pool and 4 different saunas, 2 of which can be privately booked. Escape the cold and enjoy a Finnish sauna.

When you really want to explore Rovaniemi on it’s best, have a look at the Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos. Only 30 minutes from Rovaniemi and away from the city lights, this hotel offers rooms from US$ 212 a night, including breakfast. Spending a night in an igloo with a glass roof will cost you from US$ 892 a night incl. breakfast.

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  1. I feel Finland calling me now. Love this post, and idea of a romantic get away for Valentines Day. We have been to four of these cities, but all with our kids.

  2. All the places I haven’t been to here are certainly on my list. I was just in Finland but didn’t get further than Helsinki on my short trip so Lapland would be amazing to see when I go back

  3. Love this list! I would love to spend a romantic holiday with my husband in Finland and I REALLY want to stay in one of the glass igloos. Thank you for all the romantic places to eat suggestions!

  4. I haven´t get a chance to visit Rovaniemi or Bled but both are very high on my travel bucket list! Berlin is one of my all-time favorites, I also find the city very romantic!


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