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Rome2Rio is a helpful tool where you can find all possible transportation options to bring you from A to B. They have a website and an app available which you can use for free. Easily tell the search engine where you would like to start and where you would like to go. It will show you all possible routes by train, bus, ferry, car, and plane!

Figure out how to get anywhere with Rome2Rio and compare travel routes and schedules. Find the cheapest tickets and book them online straight away.

What is Rome2Rio?

Rome2Rio is a multimodal transport planner with worldwide coverage. This means that you can plan local and long-distance trips. Never spend your time again searching for the local transportation app. Just use this platform to plan your trips with public transport or by car.

The search engine will tell you how long it takes to cover the distance with the chosen means of transport. And it will also give you a price indication and an option to book your tickets straight away.

Rome2rio searches any city, town, landmark, attraction or address around the world. With access to thousands of multi-modal routes, it will tell you how to get from A to B in the cheapest or fastest way.

The following data includes global network coverage:

  • 591,744 bus routes via 3,328 bus operators
  • 149,940 train lines via 364 train operators
  • 53,120 flight paths via 670 airlines
  • 12,173 ferries via 531 ferry operators

And this is still expanding!

How does Rome2Rio work?

As soon as you fill in your starting point and destination, Rome2Rio will come up with a variety of solutions. For example, if we check the route from Brisbane to Melbourne, it will come up with 7 different routes. It shows the estimated duration of the trip and the estimated costs.

The search engine even knows how to surprise seasoned travelers sometimes by flying to alternative airports or using alternative transport options where you might be able to save some extra money.

There is also an option to add extra stops. As soon as you fill in your starting point and destination there will appear a ‘+’ next to your destination. Click on it and add an extra stop. Drag and drop this extra stop anywhere on your travel route and the travel options change accordingly.

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Rome2Rio shows your flight paths over the entire world. This includes estimated travel time and estimated costs. This information is provided by Skyscanner, one of their partners.

If you click on a flight path you would like to have more information about, it will ask you for your travel dates. As soon as you click on search it redirects you to another screen. On this screen, you will see exact times and prices.

Overview of your screen when you look for flights on Rome2Rio
Overview of your screen when you look for flights on Rome2Rio

TIP: Before you book via Rom2Rio, check out Skyscanner. In this way you know for sure you get the best deal!


As soon as you search for a specific route, you will see that you also get accommodation suggestions. These suggestions are from, one of their partners.

If you click on accommodations, you will be redirected to a new screen. Here you can fill in where you want to stay and your travel dates. Book online via Rome2Rio, or check the site first to make sure you get the best price.

TIP: Use to book your next accommodation

Rome2Rio Book a Hotel
Overview of your screen when you look for accommodation on Rome2Rio

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Car Rental

When you search for travel routes, you’ll also notice that Rome2Rio provides you the option to rent a car. If you would like to rent a car, click on it and it will redirect you to another screen where you can fill in your travel dates.

Depending on where you would like to rent a car, you will be redirected to or to They are both partners of Rome2Rio.

TIP: Before you decide to book your rental car via Rome2Rio, check the price on or This way, you make sure to get the best price.

Overview of your screen when you look for a rental car on Rome2Rio
Overview of your screen when you look for a rental car on Rome2Rio

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Rome2Rio also shows you the highlights that you can visit in and around your final destination. Click on ‘things to do‘, which you can find below the transport routes.

It will zoom in on a map to show you where you can find the attractions. Click on one of the attractions to get more information. Of course, Rome2Rio will also tell you how to get there!

Rome2Rio Activities
Overview of your screen when you look for highlights and attractions in and around your destination on Rome2Rio

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Rome2Rio is all you need, to discover how to get anywhere! It is a free and helpful tool, that can help you to get to and from any location in the world. Did you like this blog? Have you used Rome2Rio before or do you have a question? Please leave a comment below.

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