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About Us

About Always Around the World

Always Around the World is born in 2016, while we were preparing for the biggest trip of our lives. We thought it would be nice to keep up with family and friends with the things we experienced and launched a website.

Soon we came to know that our experience brought us so much valuable knowledge, that we wanted to expand our audience from just family and friends to other adventurous travelers around the entire world.

We want Always Around The World to be the place to find all the information you are looking for about a particular destination. Obviously, we provide this information from our own travel experience, but we also interact with other travelers to get to know what it is they are specifically looking for.

If you don’t know where to start with preparing your next trip, let us help you out. Because preparing a trip should be fun with lots of anticipation, but in reality preparing a trip is often a stressful and time consuming job. Our mission is to make this process much easier and quicker, by providing all the information you need on one page!

So, sit back, relax, get inspired and start enjoying the preparations for your next trip!

The world has so much to offer and even if you can’t travel (full time), we like to inspire you all year round. We share photos, videos and blog posts about all kinds of different countries and places around the globe.  


What You Will Find On This Adventure Travel Blog

About Us


Energetic, courageous and social is what characterizes me! Making plans for our new adventures is what keeps me busy most of the time and then of course convincing Nanet to say ‘yes’ to my increasingly challenging adventures.


I’m always happy, except when I’m hungry. Then you better stay away or offer me something sweet.

I always say yes to Kelly’s plans and capture our adventures by taking as many pictures as possible.


Our Story

Since the moment we met it was crystal clear we had 2 huge things in common:

  1. We liked each other a lot, even when we were sober, haha. (We met in a very drunk mood).
  2. We both had a strong desire: A huge trip around the world and preferably one without an ending.

To us it became all very clear that we would be traveling Always Around the World. So, we made a plan, saved up money and sold everything that didn’t fit in our backpacks.

In May 2017, we left our apartment in the bustling city of Rotterdam to explore the rural areas of the world, far off the beaten path, without having a plan. All we wanted was following our hearts and dreams, which is a life full of adventures. If you knew how excited we get from thinking about a new outdoor adventure, like hiking, biking, canoeing, skiing or whatever it is; you can barely imagine how we feel when we can make these thoughts a reality!

In the meanwhile we actually did experience a countless of fantastic outdoor adventures. Think of surviving a winter in Lapland, where temperatures fell to -50℃. We also cycles 3.000 kilometers through the almost impassible highlands of Iceland. And all that while we had never done a cycling trip before! Some other adventures we crossed off our bucket list are skydiving, multiple day hikes, and snorkeling at the great barrier reef with sharks and turtles!

But there is more… When we traveled, our urge to tell everyone about the beauty of the world grew bigger and bigger. There’s so much more in life than a 9-5 job, which might provide you a car and a house. That is why we created this adventure travel blog, to inspire you to see more in your life and do more with your life! The most beautiful thing in life is that you are the only one who can follow your own dreams. That is why our motto is: ‘There is a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep‘.

Where We've Been Before

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The Gambia
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Get To Know Us

End of January 2014 we met in a pub in Rotterdam. It was an evening we both can’t really remember a lot from, but we swapped phone numbers. The next day we got in touch and we didn’t stop talking.

We planned our first date and our first holiday together followed very soon (end of February)! From there we were inseparable.

In August 2015 Nanet asked Kelly to marry her and since then we have been engaged! We have been planning a a wedding ever since, but we are not really in a hurry, haha. We plan on staying together anyway!

We lived in a very cozy two-floor apartment in Central Rotterdam. It was our little paradise. A big map of the world was hanging in the living room with dots where we had been. The cushions on the sofa were made of a fabric with a map print and everywhere throughout the house you would find a lot of souvenirs and travel pictures.

Traveling is in our blood and so it was in our house. Although we loved living there, we didn’t mind leaving. What the house was filled with – traveling – is now everywhere around us.

How? Just do it! A trip around the world started as a dream, which arose quite fast after we met. On our first date we couldn’t talk about anything else than traveling and traveling just kept on being a returning subject.

The more we talked about traveling, the more we dreamt about a never-ending trip. The more we dreamt about this trip, the more we wanted it to become reality. And so, this dream turned into a plan. A serious plan.

Saving money (and skipping a lot of nights at the pub, dining out, cinema etc.), getting rid of debts, selling stuff we didn’t need anymore, getting our vaccinations and at the very end quitting our jobs and moving out of our apartment.

It wasn’t easy and at times very stressful. But we kept on thinking about this never-ending trip and that kept us going! I can tell you, it was all worth it! And even more than that.

When we started our trip, we had absolutely no clue how much time our savings would last. Eventually, it lasted for about a year. Within that year we knew for sure that we didn’t want to stop traveling. We love it so much and we absolutely did not want to go back to our office jobs or to the traffic jams.

If there is one thing we truly believe it’s this: “There is a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep”. And that is the spirit you need to make your dreams come true.

As we both loved to write about our travels and making pictures, we decided to make this blog a success. We followed courses, implemented our knowledge and held on to the idea that it is possible to create an income from a blog.

Obviously, this took time. So, in the meanwhile we went to Australia to do farm work. We did several jobs, like lime picking, raspberry picking, potato harvesting and we worked almost 5 months on a feedlot (with cows).

Choosing one country is really hard! So, here is our top 4 favourite countries: 

1. Iceland: Because of the rough nature, insane landscapes and the cycling adventure we experienced there.
2. Svalbard: Because of the experience of being in the arctic circle, the polar bears, and Northern Lights we got to see for the first time.
3. Slovenia: Because this country just amazed us so much. The friendly people and the crazy diversity of nature in such a small country.
4. Bali: We just love Bali! Touring around on a Scoopy (small motorbike) and the amazing delicious and healthy food you can get everywhere. The different landscapes, from the beach, to the rice fields to the mountains and volcanoes. The friendly local people and the nomadic environment.

We both had office jobs! Every day we traveled to and fro by car, facing a long ride with a lot of traffic jams. 

Kelly used to work as a financial controller and was always wearing a suit to the office. Nanet used to work as a supply chain manager in logistics. 

Funny thing is, that Kelly was the worst with alarm clocks. She snoozed over 5 times, until she was really in a rush to get out of bed. Nowadays, we often wake up before 7 am by ourselves!

We started our trip around the world in May 2017. So, we are on the road now for quite some time and we absolutely love it!

In the beginning we really had to get used to it. We rushed around as if it felt we were on holiday and wanted to see as much as possible in as little time as possible. After a while it came to our minds that we weren’t in a rush and from that moment we really started to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Since we started our trip, we have done so many amazing and adventurous things, like hitchhiking, cycling, multiple-day hiking, converting our Van into a Lifestyle Van, skiing and even dog sledding! 

There is still so much more we want to do, that we absolutely are not thinking about stopping traveling any time soon.

To be honest, we don’t really miss things when we are away from home. Home doesn’t really feel like home anymore. Home is just anywhere where we are, where we feel good and where we feel safe.

But, once we know that we are going back to the Netherlands, to visit family and friends, we start dreaming about the typical Dutch delicacies, like a kroket and babi pangang!

It may speak for itself, that every now and then we miss a hug from our parents or friends. But luckily nowadays it is so easy to keep in touch with the available internet connection.