This is always around the world

Kelly and Nanet are two native Dutch outdoor adventure junkies. Since may 2017 they are traveling around the world fulltime. Until June 2021 they did this together, and after the break they both continued traveling. How they traveled in one sentence: Living in a campervan in Australia, cycling 3.000 km in Iceland, 6 months in temperatures of minus 35 degrees Celsius and so on. 

Always Around The World feels like a child, so we are both working on this amazing website to inform you about amazing places, gear and to spoil you with a lot of tips and trucs.


What to expect


I’m really passionate about: Bike Touring, Artic Expeditions, Long Distance Hikes, Backpacking, and Van Lifestyle. Always looking for new adventures and testing out new outdoor gear that’s typical me!



I breathe the outdoors. Especially the mountains and the oceans make my heart beat faster. Seeking adventures is what I do and I love to tell you all about the ones I’ve experienced so far!

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