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Singapore Hiking Trails in 30 secon...
Singapore Hiking Trails in 30 seconds

We had 10 days in Singapore during our visit, and it felt too long to visit the island-city nation. You can hit many Singapore attractions and neighborhoods in a few days with a solid itinerary. And for most travelers jetting around the globe, that’s the amount of time they have in Singapore. It’s a popular stopover between Australia and Europe to do some sightseeing before your next flight. 


If you’re limited to 3 days in Singapore, we think that’s the perfect amount of time for an exciting stopover. Singapore was our stopover before heading to Australia, and we had a blast sightseeing around the island. To help you explore this unique destination, we made a 3-day itinerary for you to follow. 


From beachgoers to thrill-seekers, we got you covered for an unforgettable Singapore trip. We’ve included many of our favorite Singapore attractions, but you’ll see them at a quicker pace. And you’ll find tips on the best time to visit, cool areas to explore, and how to get around Singapore.

It’s amazingly affordable and you don’t have to break the bank to live like royalty! You can enjoy a comfortable bed each night, eat out 3-times a day, indulge in a sublime massage, and sip cocktails on the beach as the sun sets. And that’s not to mention the amazing tours, swimming in the cooling sea, and hiking through lush forests.

We’ve already been there a couple of times, and we know we’ll be back again! The feeling of stepping off the plane and hopping onto our rental motorcycle is the very definition of freedom. Meeting up with the wonderful people who took care of us before, and who we can happily call friends is just the best!

So, before we jump on a plane and head there again, here’s what you need to know about Bali!