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9 Places For The Best Views On The Singapore Skyline


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The Singapore skyline is one of the most beautiful skylines that you can witness while traveling. No matter what time of day (or night) that you look at it, you’ll be left truly in awe of its beauty. 

We spent around ten days in Singapore before our trip to Australia and were lucky enough to do lots of sightseeing there. Overall, we loved how welcoming everyone was and were extremely surprised by the cleanliness. 

What is Singapore skyline?

The Singapore Skyline is a mix of old and new buildings as the picture above. It’s incredible to view by daylight as by night!

Singapore skyline map

Some of the buildings that make up the skyline’s beauty are the Marina Bay Sands, the Ocean Financial Centre, and Republic Plaza. Throughout this post, you’ll learn all about the very best spots to experience the Singapore skyline.

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Top 9 Singapore skyline

1. Singapore Flyer

Up first is the Singapore Flyer, one of the best places to see the Singapore skyline at night! Located right along the water near the Helix Bridge, this is easily one of the best spots for a photo while in Singapore. From the Singapore Flyer, you can expect to easily have an unparalleled view of the Singapore skyline no matter the time of day.

To get there, make your way towards the Helix Bridge. It’s located right on the corner near the water. Because of its size, it’s nearly impossible to miss, so don’t worry!

If you’re traveling around Singapore without a car, you’re in luck. You can easily take a bus (the nearest stop is by the Ritz-Carlton) or Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) if you get off at the Promenade Station. It’s only a short walk from where the bus or Mass Rapid Transport drops you off.

2. Merlion Park

Believe it or not, but another one of the best spots to see the Singapore city skyline is at Merlion Park, another spot near the water. In fact, it’s only 15 minutes away by foot from the Singapore Flyer!

To get to Merlion Park, it’s not too difficult. You can easily get there by taking the MRT right to Raffles Place Station. This is on the East-West Line, and once you get off, it’s only a short walk. It’s pretty hard to miss the Merlion Statue!

From Merlion Park, you’ll have a view of the Singapore skyline that’s a bit closer than from the Singapore Flyer, but that’s what makes it so amazing. This is also one of the few spots in the city where you can catch the skyline view juxtaposed with something from Singapore’s past: the Merlion statue.

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3. LeVeL33

A place where you can get a bit more of an upscale view of the Singapore skyline while enjoying yourself is at LeVeL33. This is a skyrise restaurant near the water!

LeVeL33 is located in the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower. It’s also easy to get here using public transport. You can take the MRT to Raffles Place or take the bus to Central Boulevard. From both of these stops, it’s not long until you reach LeVeL33 by foot.

This is a more unique view of the skyline because you’ll be located right in one of the places that make the Singapore skyline so iconic! From this rooftop restaurant, you’ll look out and be able to see the iconic Marina Bay Sands as well as other buildings.

4. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

Fourth on the list is the very place that you can see exceptionally well from LeVeL33, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark. This is easily a great place to see Singapore buildings from an excellent vantage point.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark is one of the most accessible places to get to using public transportation, so you won’t have to worry. It’s connected to Bayfront Station, where you can take the MRT, which is very convenient for tourists.

The view from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark is one of the most iconic in the city. It’s 57 floors up and even features an observation deck and a beautiful infinity pool. You’ll be high above the ground from here as you look out and see the tops of other skyscrapers.

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5. 1-Altitude Bar

Next up is another excellent spot to see the Singapore skyline, 1-Altitude Bar. This is yet another rooftop spot to get epic views of the surrounding skyline, and it’s said to be the tallest place you can see the skyline in the city. What more could you want?

Just like every other place on this list so far, it’s pretty easy to get to 1-Altitude Bar using public transportation. You can take the bus to Downtown Station and walk from there, or take the MRT to Raffles Place. It’s also pretty easy to get here by bike.

1-Altitude Bar truly has the most unparalleled view of the Singapore skyline. It’s located on the 63rd floor, so the view is so high. There are tables situated right next to glass windows so you can look out and take in the gorgeous view of the skyline and the bay.

6. ION Sky

If panoramic views of the Singapore skyline are what you want to see, then you’ll want to go to ION Sky. It’s an observation deck located inside a skyscraper, so it was literally built to have incredible views and share it with the public.

ION Sky is located a bit more in the city and away from the coast, but the view is still breathtaking. The observation deck allows you to see the entire skyline from a distance, so don’t forget your camera.

To get to ION Sky, it’s best to either drive or take public transportation. You can take the North-South Line MRT to Orchard Station. Another option is to take the bus to Orchard Boulevard.

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7. Gardens by the Bay

Another of the most popular spots to see the Singapore skyline is at Gardens by the Bay. Made famous by pop culture and movies like Crazy Rich Asians, Gardens by the Bay is a gorgeous green park with huge sculptures located right along the bay, hence its name.

Gardens by the Bay is made up of a few different parks (three to be exact). For the great view, be sure to head to Gardens by the Bay East. This is where you’ll be able to walk among the huge sculptures and look out to see the Singapore skyline along with the Singapore Flyer!

There are a few ways to get to Gardens by the Bay besides by car. By train, you can take the MRT to Bayfront MRT Station and then take Exit B. It’s also doable to take the bus and get off at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Another option includes walking to get here.

8. The Pinnacle @Duxton

The Pinnacle @Duxton is one of the places on this list that offers excellent views of the Singapore skyline that isn’t as popular. However, just because it’s not popular doesn’t mean that the views aren’t worth it. 

Located in the downtown area of Singapore, The Pinnacle @Duxton is a 50 story building with epic views. Even though it’s usually a residential building, The Pinnacle lets in about 200 different non-residents each day. Enjoy the view from a comfy lounge chair.

The simplest way to get to the Pinnacle @Duxton is to take the MRT. Be sure to get off at Outram Park Station. From there, take Exit G and make your way to The Pinnacle by walking near the Central Narcotics Bureau.

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9. Mount Faber Park

Last but not least is Mount Faber Park. The best view of the Singapore skyline from here is at Faber Peak. This is another of the lesser-known spots to catch the skyline, but that’s what makes it such a fantastic spot to see it.

Mount Faber Park is located in Singapore’s Central Region. From here, you can see great views of the area called Telok Blangah and also the beautiful skyline. You can even see all the way out to the bay, which is breathtaking. 

To get to Mount Fabor Park using public transportation, take the MRT to HarbourFront. From there, you can hop on the cable car, which will bring you right to the top of the park. Then, you’ll be able to have some of the best views in the entire city. This is easily one of the spots to see the sunset in Singapore too, so don’t miss out on this view!

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