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Osprey DayLite Review – The Absolute Best Osprey Daypack!


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Welcome to Always Around the World’s Osprey Daylite daypack review! We love sharing advice, tips and hacks to help you get the most out of your trips. Now we want to tell you about an essential part of our travel kit – Osprey’s daylite daypack. This pack has been exploring the since 2014, already.

In this Osprey Daylite review, we share why we think this is the best Osprey daypack on the market and a few advantages (and disadvantages) of choosing this pack for yourself. We also tell you where to buy your Osprey Daylite daypack and a few add-ons we think are a great investment. Let’s get to it! 

MY Osprey Daylite review summary

We bought our Osprey Daylite daypack before we started our international adventures(2014) to use as a day-to-day rucksack. This day pack was great for picking up grocery shopping, lugging a laptop around the city, or carrying sandwiches and a book on a long commute!

But when we started traveling full-time, we realized the Osprey Daylite pack was even more useful. First, we used our daypack as a lightweight, versatile carry-on bag for flights. Then we started using our daypack as a durable beach bag to keep our valuables safe from the sun and sand. Next, we took our daypack out on hikes. You can cram everything you need for a hike into an Osprey Daylite while ensuring it’s lightweight enough to walk with. 

Note: Our Osprey Daylite is 13 liters in size

For those used to traveling with huge 60 liter+ backpacks, this may sound tiny. But we can fit two beach towels, a bottle of water, sunscreen, and snacks into its main compartment. In the front pocket, we can fit our mobile phones, power bank, wallets, and compact camera. Everything we need on the move!

Over the last few years, our Daylite pack has become an essential part of our travel kit. In fact, we’re so attached to our Daylite pack that we now buy all our bags – backpacks, daypacks, and camera bags – from Osprey. Here’s why we love this brand, and our Daylite pack, so much. 

Why we like Osprey products

Osprey is an established brand that has been creating innovative bag designs for decades. Osprey doesn’t create fast-fashion items. All Osprey products are made from high-quality materials that will not break down through normal wear and tear. This is one way that outdoor brands can help to protect the environment. Committed to sustainability, Osprey also produces minimum waste and uses recycled materials wherever possible. 

And, Osprey was the first brand to design a backpack that fits more comfortably to a woman’s body, way back in 1993. How cool is that!

Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee

We also especially like Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. This guarantee is Osprey’s commitment to repair products rather than replace them. If you think your pack has any defects or issues in craftsmanship that has led to damage, Osprey will repair it free of charge

We have never had to use the All Mighty Guarantee on any of our Osprey products, but it’s nice to know we could have one of our packs repaired if we needed to.

Key features of the best Osprey daypack review

Our Osprey Daylite daypack review explores some great features you won’t find on a cheaper, no-brand rucksack

Back panel made from ventilated spacermesh

Even a lightweight daypack needs a back panel that breathes. This pack has a ventilated back panel made from spacer-mesh that keeps your back cool, even on a hot and humid hike. Not only is a sweaty back uncomfortable, but it can also lead to chafing which can get pretty nasty over time. This pack also has a removable hip belt made from webbing. The hip belt keeps the pack secure on your back if you’re hiking or jogging, another feature that priorities comfort. 

Internal sleeve and two mesh side pockets

As any traveler knows, the key to good organization is lots of pockets! The internal sleeve at the back of the Osprey Daylite pack is perfect for sliding in a laptop or tablet, especially if you haven’t got a tablet cover and want to protect the screen. And the two mesh side pockets are perfect for snacks like fruit or bottled water. 

Hydration sleeve

We love having the option of filling up a hydraulic reservoir and carrying water weight on our backs. You have to buy the reservoir separately but we’ll look at that later in add-ons. Of course, filling up a reservoir also cuts down on plastic bottle waste. Good for travelers and good for the environment. Two thumbs up from us!

Side note: Only the newest version of the Osprey Daylite pack has an external hydration sleeve so look out for this if you’re buying from anywhere but Osprey’s own site. The sleeve sits on the outside of the pack, against your back. This makes the newest Daylite comfier and means there’s no risk of your stuff getting wet if spring a leak. To be sure you’re buying the latest Daylite pack, check for an H20 sign above the back panel.

Front zip with key clip

This pack also has a front zip with internal slip pockets and an optional key clip – great for keeping smaller items where you can find them. A front zip is essential for security, especially when you’re crammed onto public transport. For extra peace of mind, you can also slip an ordinary padlock through the zip loops. A good tip if you’re staying in a hostel dorm.

Option to attach to other Osprey packs

A great perk of having more than one Osprey product is that the different packs complement each other. The Osprey Daylite pack attaches firmly to Osprey’s Aether AG, Ariel AG, Farpoint 80, and Sojourn packs. You don’t need to choose between your favorite packs, just clip them together!

The Osprey Ariel has benefited us so much that we decided to write this honest review of our experiences. This review focuses on the Osprey Ariel 65 & 55.

Advantages of choosing an Osprey Daylite pack review


From our experience, the Osprey Daylite pack is very lightweight. The pack weighs only 0.5kg when empty – hardly any weight at all! When it’s more convenient, we pack our daypack into our suitcase for flights or train journeys. 

Small and foldable

Sizewise, the pack is 46cm in height, 24cm in width and 22cm deep when filled. We’ve found this to be the perfect size for day-to-day use. Also, the pack will fold down when not in use, so you can store it away in a drawer or storage box for your next adventure!

Very durable

When we travel we look for once-in-a-lifetime experiences that get our hearts pumping and take us deep into nature. As a result, our travel gear must be extremely durable. We have taken our Osprey Daylite pack camping in Iceland, hiking in Australia, and surfing in Bali. Our Daylite pack always survives! 

This pack is made from 210 denier nylon with an even stronger 420 denier packcloth base. After five years of intensive use across a number of different countries, our bag still has only small traces of damage. 

Confession time: how we damaged our Daylite pack! Our pack has some very small holes on its underside. These holes are the result of our bag being accidentally slid across rocks. We were disappointed to have holes in our pack, however small, but are happy to say the holes have never gotten bigger, even when we overload the bag. The material does not tear, even when damaged. 

Attaches to our Osprey Ariel backpack

We love how our Daylite pack attaches securely and snugly to our Osprey Ariel backpack. When you’re traveling full-time, these little things make life so much easier!

Tip: If you are doubting about the right size for your Osprey backpack, click here to check the Osprey app.

Disadvantages of choosing an Osprey Daylite pack

As much as we love our Osprey Daylite pack, it’s only fair of us to offer some potential disadvantages too.

Mesh back panel is thin

While the back panel on this pack is breathable and keeps you nice and cool, it’s quite thin. This means that anything with hard angles in your Daylite pack can dig into your back, which can be very uncomfortable. But if you pack your daypack with care, ensuring hard things (like a laptop) are flush with the back panel you shouldn’t have any issues. Also, if the hydraulic reservoir is full, it acts as a cushion against your back.

Shoulder straps are simple

If you overload your daypack, you may experience some discomfort from the shoulder straps. That’s because the Daylite pack is not designed for heavy loads so its shoulder straps are quite narrow. This pack is ideal for carrying a water bottle and rain jacket when going on a day hike or for exploring a city but isn’t recommended for carrying 10 hardback books to the library. 

No rain cover

This daypack doesn’t come with a rain cover. This wasn’t a major disadvantage for us because you can easily buy one. (see add-ons below)

Inner pocket is a small

We’re getting very specific here! The inner pocket of our pack is large enough for a Macbook Air 13” which is our chosen device. But if you have a Macbook Air 15”, it won’t fit. 

Make your Osprey daylite pack your own

There are a few ways you can customize the Osprey daylite pack to make it your own. 

Choose from 3 sizes

Our Osprey Daylite pack is the smallest 13-liter version but there are two more sizes to choose from. 

1. The Daylite Plus pack

This pack holds 20 liters and has an extra storage compartment at the front.

2. The Daylite Travel pack

This pack holds 24 liters, has an extra storage compartment, and comes with an RFID liner.

You can decide which size works best for you. All three are compatible with EU carry-on sizes

Choose from 10+ colors

The Osprey Daylite and Daylite Plus packs comes in more than 10 different color options. We prefer something that stands out like green or red. 

Buy a rain cover for your pack

As we mentioned earlier, this daypack does not come with a rain cover. But most rain covers, of any brand, will fit onto an Osprey Daylite pack. We would recommend going for a high-visibility rain cover so you know you can be seen in low light conditions, such as a rainy night in the city or a foggy hike. 

This Osprey hi-visibility rain cover works perfectly with our daypack. Choose the XS size. 

Buy a hydraulic reservoir for your pack

Another add-on we’d seriously recommend investing in is a hydraulic reservoir. Osprey sell reservoirs, also known as bladders, capable of holding from 500ml of liquid up to 3 liters. Having a hydraulic reservoir in your daypack is the easiest way to carry the water you need to stay hydrated on the move. We don’t go anywhere without filling our reservoir up first, especially if we’re going hiking! 

Tip: We recommend this 2.5 liter Osprey Reservoir. Osprey also sells all of the additional accessoires you may need, such as replacement tubes and valves. You don’t want to take any risk when it comes to stay hydrated.

Where to buy your Osprey Daylite daypack

There are a number of places where you can buy an Osprey Daylite daypack, online and in-store. Prices range between 30 to 45 but if you’re buying online be sure to factor in delivery costs.

Osprey store

We bought our pack five years ago at an Osprey store in the Netherlands. We liked being able to handle the pack before we bought it to make sure it was what we wanted. Osprey is a US brand but most of its stores are concentrated in Europe. The best thing about buying your pack in an Osprey store is that a salesperson will fit the pack to your body and show you all the great features of your new pack

Third-party Osprey dealer

Osprey also sells its products through third-parties. Stores like REI and other large outdoor gear specialists often stock Osprey products. You will usually receive great customer service from these third-party dealers but check the Osprey Daylie daypack is in stock before you make a trip!


Online sellers like Amazon always have Osprey products in stock. You can get a better deal on Amazon and save up to €10 on your Daylite pack but you will miss out on customer service. Make sure your Osprey pack comes with the Osprey All Mighty Guarantee if you buy on Amazon, in case you need a repair.

My final thoughts

The Osprey Daylite daypack has everything we need. The perfect size for day-to-day travel, short hikes, and airplane carry-on, this pack is our constant companion. Comfortable and sturdy, this pack feels great to wear, even when it’s full. The hydraulics reservoir keeps us hydrated on the go and is good for the environment. 

Like many travelers, we get very attached to our travel gear and would never go on a trip without our Daylite pack!

We hope this Osprey Daylite daypack review has been useful to you. Let us know if you decide to buy one of your own and how you like it.

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