Travel Resources

Nothing makes preparing a trip easier than having access to the right travel resources. No matter how many trips you’ve planned before, you simply can’t know it all. Every destination is different, with other languages, valuta and means of transport.

A good transport planner gives you insights on the easiest routes to get from A to B, while an accommodation provider can help you out when your plans change last minute.

Then we also give you some of our most favorite travel resources when it comes to purchasing travel gear and booking tours or other activities. 

To keep track of your money we provide you with some handy travel finance resources and don’t forget to download some very handy travel apps!

Have a look below and find the best travel resources we always use to prepare our trips. 




Rome2Rio is our favorite travel resource when it comes to route planning. As well the website as the app provide multiple route options from A to B with.

Save money using alternative route options and book your tickets directly online. 


Skyscanner is one of your best options when it comes to cheap flight tickets as they compare many different airlines.

Search cheapest month or go to ‘anywhere’ to find the cheapest period to fly or the cheapest destination to go to.

Where do you fly next?


Want to find your cheapest option for a rental car anywhere in the world? Use rentalcars for your search!

Rentalcars compares many different companies and shows you the best rates for your travel dates.

Filter on supplier, car type or car specifications and get the best price for your rental car.


Stop paying to much for your taxi ride and use Uber! The ride share company you can use anywhere in the world.

We like to use uber because it is easy, cheap and the mobile app is great! In the app you can always find a driver nearby.

Sign up for Uber now and get US$5 discount on your first ride!


Another amazing mean of transport is the bus. Especially within Europe with the Flixbus.

They have super comfortable seats and Wifi on board. Ideal to do some work, or to sit back and relax and watch Netflix.

The prices are very affordable and you should really check them out!


No matter if you are in a remote place or in a bustling city, is your biggest friend if you want to find a place to stay.

You can filter your searches and they will provide you with accommodations for the lowest price.


If you love to connect with other travelers, staying in a hostel is the perfect option for you.

Hostelworld offer a huge range of hostels world wide, they provide instant confirmation and don’t charge booking fees.

What are you waiting for?


Airbnb is expanded to a worldwide network of available accommodations. Not just hotels, but also a room in a shared house, a tree house or other special stays.

We use this network a lot when we meet friends or family and want to have a bigger accommodation.

Sign up now and get €25 discount on your first booking + get €9 on any experience you book (with a value of over €43)


Couchsurfing is a homestay and networking service you can use to stay with locals. The network is accessible via a website or mobile app.

What to expect? As the name says ‘couch – surfing’: People are literally offering you a couch or spare bed to come over and stay the night! You can explore the area during the day and have a place to sleep at night.

We had the most unique experiences, and we slept in all different kinds of houses. If you are lucky your host shows you around and you’ll find some unique spots!


Exchanging cultures by volunteering for food and accommodation! That’s what Workaway is!

We love Workaway and used it a lot during our trip at several destinations. No matter what skills you have, or what language you speak, there is always a family or person out there looking for your help.

Step out you comfort zone and create an experience of a lifetime!


We are big fans of TrustedHousesitters! It’s a company that offers many housesit opportunities.

So, it means that you take care of somebody else’s house/pets, while they are away for business or a holiday. Using TrustedHousesitters, you can search for housesits anywhere in the world.

Stay in the most luxury villas at the beach or at a hut in the mountains.

Sign up now with 25% discount! And experience this unique way of traveling.

Travel Gear


We, as outdoor lovers, really want to have good clothing to make our adventures comfortable.

We always paid lots for clothing but then we found Revolution Race! They have a wide range of clothing of incredible quality but still super affordable!

Don’t look any further, whether you are a man or a woman, Revolution Race is what you need for outdoor winter and summer clothing.


Amazon is the platform we all know where you can buy 1000 and 1 things.

That is why we love shopping over there for our travel gear, they always have it!

There are multiple suppliers, so we can always pick one that is nearby to shorten the shipping costs and time. is a dutch platform where you can buy pretty much everything. From small gadgets to travel clothing, you’ll find it there.

We use this platform a lot when we are back in the Netherlands or when our parents would order something for us. All they needed to do was ship it our way.


Get Your Guide

Looking for a unique experience or an outdoor adventure? Get Your Guide offers a wide range of tours all around the world.

Easily find a tour on their user friendly website or in their app by using multiple filters and track of your bookings.

Are you ready for your next adventure?


We like Tripadvisor for the social proof of accommodations, restaurants, tours and so much more.

It is an amazing platform to see what other peoples experiences were. This way we avoid booking a sloppy tour or going to a bad restaurant.

We also like to write our experience on here to help people have their own best experience!

Guide to Faroe Islands

Guide to Faroe Island is a tour operator managed by local people. It’s incredible to see how proud these people are and to listen to their passionate stories about the Islands.

We used them for several tours on the Faroe Islands and learnt so much about the culture, landscapes and visited terrific photo spots.

For us it was a lifetime experience!

Travel Planning

Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet is our Travel Bible! For every country we visited we bought the travel guide and it has lead us to amazing places.

They organize their information so well and tell you all the ins and outs of a place.

From time to time, it is nice to avoid the most touristic places and visit a local market or go into the undiscovered nature.


We think Google is a resource for everything and a very good one if you want to prepare for your next trip.

Google knows everything and is your biggest friend! That’s why we believe it can’t be missed in this list of travel resources.

Travel Finance


Transferwise is the best tool when it comes to different valutas. Transfer your money between bank accounts in different countries, using the actual exchange rate and paying the lowest transfer fees.

It is also super fast and you will receive your money within hours (depending on the transfer option you choose)!

They also offer a credit card, which you can use world wide. Create multiple bank accounts in different countries and never pay too much when you get cash out of an ATM.

Bonus: Sign up now and your first transfer (up to 500GBP) will be 100% free!


XE is our favourite when it comes to checking currency rates.

Easily check the currency rate of the local currency compared to the one you know.

On the road? They also have an app you can use!


Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of your budget while you’re on the road, but this money management tool makes it easy.

It works online and offline, and keeps track of exactly where your money is going.

Handy graphs and charts help you visualize your spending and keep you on budget.

Travel Apps


There are millions of trails all around the world for hiking, mountain biking, trail running, kayaking and so much more.

If you like to do these kind of things, the AllTrails app is unmissable for you. At home or on the road, find the perfect bike, hike or kayak trail.

Select on difficulty, length or rating and download a trail on your phone to see your location on the trail while you are offline.

You can also download a GPX file to upload it in your GPS device!

Just follow the track and have fun!

Google Maps

Google knows it all and Google Maps always knows a route!

We use it a lot for navigation to accommodation, airports and restaurants. Also on road trips it is a very useful tool.

Add multiple stops and complete your route. Once the route is set you can go offline and the navigation will continue.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Exploring a city, but don’t want to carry a city guide in your pack? Lonely planet has the perfect solution!

An app with guides for over 7700 cities! Download the city guide you want to have and explore the city with a travel guide on hands!


Have you ever looked up in the sky, wondering what it all is that you saw?

SkyView has an answer for you! Open the app, focus your camera on the sky and SkyView tells you which planet, zodiac sign or star you face.

We really love using this app on a clear night to discover another world!

Microsoft Translator

What if you don’t speak the local language and you can’t figure out how to explain what you want?

The Microsoft Translator app has the solution. With over 70 languages for offline use, you are able to ask what you want.

Let language no longer be a barrier to explore!


Do you want to learn a new language? Then Duolingo is the right app for you!

This app will teach you a new language in a very creative way. No classrooms and real life examples.

Relax on the beach, play and learn a new language!


Travelling will give you a lot of experiences, so why not track the places you have been and keep a travel journal.

On Polar steps you can share and track your trip and keep a journal with pictures.

So, even when you are back home from your trip there is always this nice overview from all your experiences

You can even make it a photo book with the maps, photo’s, journals and everything from your trip!