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Did you know that you can support Always Around the World, without any extra cost?

Always Around The World is partnering with some great companies in the travel and outdoor industry.

Below you will find an overview of the partners and I know for sure that you know some of them already. So if you are looking for accommodation, tours, car rental, transport tickets, travel gear or a present for a friend please use one of the companies below.

You don’t pay any extra, but I get a commission to refer you to the company. So you got an amazing experience I can continue providing information for free. It’s a win-win!


Travel Gear

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Hi you!

Nice to meet you, my name is Kelly and as the founder of Always Around The World I want to introduce myself.

I’m passionate about Bike Touring, Arctic Expeditions, Long Distance Hikes, Backpacking, Volunteering, Mountaineering, Pack rafting, Canoe Trips, Winter sports, and many outdoor activities.

I’m specialized in training the body and mind to prepare yourself the best for your outdoor activity trip and to make sure you don’t get injured. Next to my knowledge of training, I learned so much about nutrition since I started traveling full-time in 2017. 

Always looking for new adventures and testing out new outdoor gear that’s typical of me!

Work with Always

Do you want to draw attention for your destination, product or travel-related business? Let’s work together and reach greater goals! I’m always in for a new collaboration, as long as it fits together with our travel blog and our associated audience. Opportunities for collaborations are:


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A blogpost with the main focus on your brand, product, destination or business. Or a post on one of our social media platforms.


Do you want to promote a travel related product or service? Let us review the product/service and write an article about it.


We can add banners or other advertisements on this website, to make our visitors aware of your product/service/brand.

Contact Me

Do you have any questions? Or do you want to work together on a nice outdoor project let us know and I like to have a chat with you!

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