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Destination of the month : Ireland

After spending more than a month on the bike I discovered a lot of amazing places and met so many nice people. Let me inspire you about all the amazing things Ireland has to offer: National Parks,  Hikes , Biking Trails, Camp Spots, Road Trip Guides and so much more…

Gear tip of the month: Gore-tex

Any experienced traveler knows that unplanned weather can either make or break your adventure. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in the middle of a torrential downpour or rainstorm (especially if you don’t have proper clothing). That’s why I never go anywhere without my GORE-TEX jacket.

About Always Around The World

Currently in: Tenerife - Spain

I’m really passionate about: Bike Touring, Artic Expeditions, Long Distance Hikes, Backpacking, and Van Lifestyle. Always looking for new adventures and testing out new outdoor gear that’s typical me!