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Destination of the month : Ireland

Many outdoor enthusiasts have long dreamt of exploring Ireland. Having spent nearly two months there myself, and with my dad’s 30 years of experience visiting the country, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge to share with you!

Allow me to spark your interest in the incredible offerings of Ireland, which include National Parks, hikes, cycling routes, outdoor activities, road trips, city guides, and so much more.

Gear tip of the month: Merino Wool

Seasoned travelers are well-aware of the advantages merino wool provides. Over the years, I’ve come to rely on merino wool clothing for both my summer and winter trips. You might be wondering, “Wool in the summertime?” Discover why merino wool is an essential addition to your travel wardrobe, regardless of the season!

Kell Always Around The World

Hi There

Hello, I’m Kelly! I specialize in training both the body and mind to ensure optimal preparation for your adventures, as well as to prevent injuries. Since embarking on my full-time traveling journey in 2017, I’ve gained valuable knowledge about nutrition as well.

My proficiency covers a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including bike touring, thru-hikes, day hikes, camping, and numerous other exhilarating adventures. Additionally, I have experience with a plethora of other outdoor activities, such as watersports, winter sports, mountain biking among others.