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About Iceland

Iceland, known as the ‘Land of Ice and Fire,’ is celebrated for its almost ethereal natural splendor and severe weather conditions. During my visit, I was aware that I was about to embark on the most significant adventure of my life to date. One could devote numerous lifetimes to exploring the magnificent ‘Land of the Gods,’ and yet not uncover all its treasures.

This Iceland travel guide will equip you to optimize your journey, although no preparation can truly ready you for the awe-inspiring moments you’ll encounter upon arrival! I spent 3 months in Iceland, touring the nation on my dependable mountain bike — you can take the Dutch out of the Netherlands, but you can’t take the Netherlands out of the Dutch!

Most nights were spent camping, often in the wilderness, occasionally going for days without encountering another living being. The environment gifted me with magical vistas and awe-inspiring wonders. Very few locations in today’s world offer this kind of experience.

I’ve also undertaken multiple road trips by car and embarked on numerous hikes, including multi-day treks. If this sounds like the type of adventure that would appeal to you, then this Iceland travel guide is perfect for you! Even in the winter, the stunning Icelandic landscapes are incredibly rewarding for the resilient traveler.

The complete route guide of the golden circle + Map

Exploring Iceland is something you won’t regret. Unspoiled landscapes, massive waterfalls, active volcanos, and thermal areas with geysers are all part of the land of fire and ice. A lot of these highlights are spread out around Iceland, but in the Golden Circle, you’ll find a lot of highlights within short distances from each other.

The Ultimate Hiking guide: Iceland

Planning an Iceland hiking trip can be a challenging task since it’s such a unique country. There are endless hiking destinations in every corner of the island, and most travelers don’t know where to begin. That’s why we’ve made an ultimate Iceland hiking guide to prepare you for the journey. We’ve highlighted what you should bring, when to visit, and our favorite places to plan an unforgettable trip. 

iceland packing list: what to pack in winter and summer?

Packing for Iceland can be a challenge. With the unpredictable weather conditions that can change rapidly throughout the day, you have to be prepared for everything. Luckily there is this Iceland packing list that will help you to pack the right stuff, no matter if you go to Iceland during the summer or the winter!