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Singapore Itinerary: How to spend the perfect 3 days in Singapore?


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We had 10 days in Singapore during our visit, and it felt too long to visit the island-city nation. You can hit many Singapore attractions and neighborhoods in a few days with a solid itinerary. And for most travelers jetting around the globe, that’s the amount of time they have in Singapore. It’s a popular stopover between Australia and Europe to do some sightseeing before your next flight. 

If you’re limited to 3 days in Singapore, we think that’s the perfect amount of time for an exciting stopover. Singapore was our stopover before heading to Australia, and we had a blast sightseeing around the island. To help you explore this unique destination, we made a 3-day itinerary for you to follow. 

From beachgoers to thrill-seekers, we got you covered for an unforgettable Singapore trip. We’ve included many of our favorite Singapore attractions, but you’ll see them at a quicker pace. And you’ll find tips on the best time to visit, cool areas to explore, and how to get around Singapore.

When is the best time to visit Singapore?

Singapore lies close to the equator and has a year-round hot, humid climate. While the balmy temperature is suitable to visit any time of year, the rain will be your biggest obstacle. November-June tends to be the most popular time to visit Singapore. While November-January has the most rainfall, February-April are the driest months. In addition to drier forecasts, February-April sees lower humidity compared to other months. 

But if you’re trying to avoid crowds or hit the beach, July-November is an excellent time to visit Singapore. April-July are the hottest months, and fewer tourists visit Singapore from July-November. But whichever month you plan your Singapore itinerary, there will be plenty of exciting things to do.

Temperature chart Singapore

MonthMin Temperature °CMax Temperature °CRain mm

How many days are enough for Singapore?

For the city of Singapore itself I would suggest 3 full days, if you want to go hiking or rent a bike my advice is to give yourself 5 days.

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What are the best neighborhoods of Singapore to explore?

With its diverse cultures and combination of old and new, Singapore has many awesome neighborhoods to discover. While some districts resemble a futuristic world, others have a more old-school charm. Find towering skyscrapers, peaceful temples, and everything in between. You may not be able to visit every neighborhood in 3 days, but here are some of our favorites.

Marina Bay

While ultra-touristy, your first visit to Singapore must include a trip to the fabulous Marina Bay. The waterfront district oozes luxury and has the most iconic attractions in Singapore. Admire the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, catch a show at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, or visit fabulous museums. 


Chinatown was once a bustling district for Chinese immigrants in Singapore, and the enclave now supports various cultures. With Chinese temples, a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, and a mosque, Chinatown is the epitome of Singapore’s religious diversity. And for foodies, this is a must-visit spot to chow down on tasty Singapore hawker food.

Kampong Gelam

Funky street art, hip cafés, and traditional shops line the streets of Singapore’s Muslim Quarter. The gold-domed Sultan Mosque is a stunning religious landmark, and the Malay Heritage Centre showcases local relics. Find flavorful Malay cuisine, browse art galleries, and shop for authentic textiles, perfumes, and jewelry.

Little India

Perhaps the most colorful and energetic neighborhood in Singapore, Little India is another fun place to wander. Visit impressive Hindu temples and walk past colorful buildings around every street corner. It’s also a great place for shopaholics to find handmade crafts, jewelry, and fabrics from bustling malls. 

Tiong Bahru

Hipsters flock to Tiong Bahru to hang out at cool cafés, independent shops, and art galleries. Tiong Bahru is among the oldest neighborhoods in Singapore but now hosts budding artists searching for inspiration. Grab a sweet treat at the Tiong Bahru Bakery, find rare vinyl records, or visit the oldest housing estate in Singapore. 

Our 3 day singapore itinerary

For our 3 days in Singapore, we packed many of the best attractions and neighborhoods into this itinerary. Following this schedule takes you to beautiful gardens, sandy beaches, and heart-racing viewpoints. And you’ll explore some of the most interesting enclaves that showcase Singapore’s cultural diversity. Whether you prefer the urban hustle or pristine nature, this Singapore itinerary has the best of both worlds. 

Day 1: Magical Gardens & Breathtaking Cityscapes

The first day of our itinerary includes trips to stunning gardens and incredible viewpoints of the Singapore skyline. Start the day at the Marina Bay waterfront and head to the Gardens by the Bay. The 101-hectare park is our top thing to do in Singapore for this tropical wonderland right in the city. Spread over three gardens, the lush oasis forms a nature escape without leaving the urban jungle. 

The Flower Dome is the world’s largest greenhouse, and the Floral Fantasy hanging gardens showcase talented floral artists. Climb the misty Cloud Forest to cool off from Singapore’s humid weather, then head outside to view the Supertree Grove. The OCBC Skyway ascends the vertical gardens, and the Supertree Observatory offers beautiful vistas of Marina Bay. 

After you visit Gardens by the Bay, stroll around Marina Bay to appreciate Singapore’s greatest architectural achievement. Marina Bay Sands is the crown jewel of the Singapore skyline and has spectacular views from the top. It’s home to the world’s largest rooftop Infinity Pool and has unbelievable images of the skyline. While only guests can swim at Marina Bay Sands, we recommend one of these Singapore Infinity Pools for an afternoon swim. 

Skip over to the Singapore Botanic Gardens to wander around Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built from an abandoned plantation, the 60-acre plot is a local favorite for joggers, picnickers, and nature lovers. Don’t miss The National Orchid Garden, which features a spectacular exhibit of 60,000 orchids. 

As the day winds down, head back towards Marina Bay for a relaxing ride on the Singapore Flyer. The observation wheel lifts you 165 meters into the air and shares fun stories about Singapore. Once nighttime arrives, find the perfect spot to watch the sensational Marina Bay Sands Spectra Light & Water Show

Day 2: Island Paradise With Amusement Rides

Singapore’s balmy weather entices beachgoers seeking a tropical oasis to lounge. If you’re itching for a beach escape, then you’re in luck. Our 3 days in Singapore include a day trip to one of Singapore’s idyllic offshore islands. Sentosa Island is the most accessible from the Singapore mainland and has tons of activities to keep you busy.  

Find a secluded spot at Tanjong Beach and feel the tranquil vibes polar opposite from the urban hustle. Grab a drink from the Tanjong Beach Club and enjoy the chill atmosphere before exploring other parts of Sentosa. The nearby Palawan Beach is among the best Singapore beaches for its sparkling lagoon and shady palm trees. Swim to the lagoon’s tiny island or climb the towers for sweeping views of the sandy shoreline. 

Since you’re already on Sentosa Island, a trip to Universal Studios provides hours of entertainment. With 24 rides and attractions, it’s an action-packed evening for your 2nd day in Singapore. Hop on exhilarating rides like HUMAN vs. CYLON and Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure or watch exciting shows such as WaterWorld and Shrek 4-D Adventure. The park has plenty of restaurants and cafés to ease your hunger while visiting all the attractions. Cap off an incredible day by watching the fireworks of the Lake Hollywood Spectacular. 

Day 3: Diverse Neighborhoods & Cultural Delights 

Singapore hosts many cultures, and a day wandering its fascinating districts open your eyes to immense diversity. Chinese, Malay, and Indian form the largest communities and create a multi-cultural society in Singapore. The final day of our 3-day Singapore itinerary exposes you to the most historic attractions and neighborhoods of the city-state. 

Start the day in Chinatown to find an intricate mix of religious sites, classic architecture, and trendy eateries. Wander the narrow streets to discover the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, Sri Mariamman Temple, and Masjid Jamae. Finding these religious structures within close proximity speaks to the amazing religious diversity of Singapore. 

After visiting historic temples and learning about different cultures, prowl the corridors for delicious street food. Chinatown is a fantastic place to find tempting Singaporean street food of many varieties. Snack on Hainanese Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow (stir-fried flat rice noodles), South Indian curries, and other tasty treats. 

The next stop is Little India, and this energetic neighborhood enriches your senses with unforgettable sights, smells, and tastes. Find artistic murals on building walls, smell aromatic spices, and sample authentic Indian cuisine. And you’ll pass historic sites like the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and Mahatma Gandhi Memorial.

Spend the evening at the Haw Par Villa and learn more about Chinese mythology and folklore. The cultural theme park contains statues and dioramas that depict ancient Chinese tales. Enter through the Chinese-style gate and walk the red brick road to explore the Ten Courts of Hell, Eight Immortals, and other legends.

Where to stay in Singapore?

Singapore is flashy and screams luxury when you land into this bright, bustling city-state metropolis. While Singapore appears like a playground for the rich, budget-minded travelers can still find reasonable accommodations. But make no mistake, Singapore is not your typical Southeast Asia destination. It’s among the world’s most expensive cities, and the average Southeast Asia backpacker budget won’t fly in Singapore. If you’re trying to save on your 3 days in Singapore, we’ve suggested a few places for you.

How to get around Singapore?

With a population of around 5.7 million people, Singapore can feel overcrowded at times. Thankfully, the island-city nation has an extremely organized public transportation system. Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is a railway that goes around most of the island. There’s also an extensive public bus system that transports millions of daily riders. And Singapore rates highly compared to other major cities in public transport affordability. 

While it’s easy to get around Singapore on public transport, you can explore much of the city on foot. You can walk nearly everywhere and reach many attractions without riding public transport. City bikes are another fantastic option to get around Singapore if you don’t feel like walking. You’ll find the bikes parked anywhere in the city and can unlock them with an app. Bike rentals are also available for a reasonable daily fee to reach your destination quicker. 

If you’re trying to save money on attractions, the Go Singapore Explorer Pass helps big time. You can select anywhere from 2-7 activities and explore Singapore at your desired pace. To adjust your Singapore itinerary on the fly, consider the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. Whenever you see an interesting attraction, jump off the bus and return to stop afterward. 

BEst tours in Singapore

FAQ singapore itinerary

Is 10 days in Singapore too long?

10 days in Singapore is quite long, I would suggest add a trip to the Indonesian Islands Bintang, Batam or Penang in Malaysia.

How can I explore Singapore in 7 days?

I would suggest spending 5 days exploring the surroundings of Singapore, the attractions parks, swimming pools, beaches hiking trails and biking routes.

How much a trip to Singapore will cost?

The average trip to Singapore price for a week is $1.700 for a single traveler, I did it way cheaper as I slept in simple hotels rooms and enjoyed local food.

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That’s our recommendations for a perfect 3-day itinerary for Singapore. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our itinerary, please leave a comment below. For more information about Singapore, please visit this Singapore Travel Page. Or check our travel tips for more general travel information!

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