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7 Beautiful Rainforests in Australia You Don’t Want To Miss


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The rainforest in Australia is unlike any other. From epic bridges that will leave you in awe while you’re surrounded by tall trees to national parks that let you explore on your own, seeing an Australian rainforest is an experience that will stick with you forever.

If you want to hear all about the Australian jungle from someone who has been there before, you’re in luck. I’ve been out to Australia and visited a few of the rainforests on this list, so rest assured that I know all about which ones are actually worth visiting.

Because there are so many rainforests in this country, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you to visit, especially if your trip to Australia is only a short one. This article will cover everything you’ll want to know about some of the most beautiful rainforests there are in Australia, so you’ll know what one is perfect for adding to your itinerary. 

All About the Rainforest in Australia

It’s a lot easier than you may think to find an Australian rainforest because they happen to be scattered around most of the country. There are ones in the states of Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and New South Wales.

The rainforests in this country are essential to biodiversity, as each rainforest helps to support different species, flora, and fauna. Without them, some of these beautiful natural parts of the country just might not exist.

Most of the rainforests here are hundreds of millions of years old. In fact, the Daintree Rainforest, which is #4 on this list, is said to be around 180 million years old. Crazy, right?

The Most Beautiful Rainforests in Australia

Finally – the part of the article you’ve been waiting for! Below, read all about the best rainforests that you can find in Australia.

1. Yarra Ranges National Park

  • State: Victoria
  • Must-See Spots: Marysville Lake Mountain and Cambarville, Mount Donna Buang, Mountain Ash

First up is Yarra Ranges National Park in Victoria, one of the best Australian jungles. This park holds part of the rainforest in Victoria and has a truly unforgettable landscape. Plus, the view from the many lookout points in this park will leave you truly breathless.

The main area of the Yarra Ranges National Park is, as the name suggests, the Yarra Ranges, which hold a cool rainforest. Throughout the park, you’ll want to check out Mountain Ash, which is the tallest flowering tree in the world!

There are a few great tours to be able to visit this location, including

2. Mitchell River National Park

  • State: Western Australia
  • Must-See Spots: Gibb River Road, the hidden rivers and waterfalls

Next is another excellent example of Australia’s forestry, Kimberley in Western Australia. The Kimberley is most often thought of as a place that is reminiscent of the outback, but it’s actually filled with quite a few dry rainforest spots throughout, especially in Mitchell River National Park.

Mitchell River National Park is home to one of the fantastic Australian jungles, and it’s filled with exciting landscapes, tranquil rainforests, and tons of true beauty. The best time to visit this park, in particular, is during the summer, but be careful; this park has had bushfires before.

While there aren’t tours that just include visiting the rainforests in this national park, you can check out the From Broome: Cape Leveque 4WD Tour & Optional Return Flight or this Cygnet Bay Unique Tidal Waterfall Reefs Scenic Cruise to explore some of the areas with a guide.

3. Kuranda Rainforest

  • State: Queensland
  • Must-See Spots: Rainforestation National Park (great for kids), Kuranda Scenic Railway

One great rainforest in Australia is Queensland’s Kuranda Rainforest, which is more of a traditional rainforest. It’s located near Cairns and is filled with tons of koalas, which is why many people come to visit here.

Throughout the rainforest, there are a few spots worth checking out. If you’re traveling with kids, stop by the Rainforestation National Park, where you can take tours and get up close with animals. For a scenic ride, hop on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

Some of the most fun adventurous tours in the rainforest include the Cairns: Self-Guided Kuranda Day Trip, Scenic Rail & Skyrail, and the Barron Gorge: Half-Day Barron River White-Water Rafting

4. Daintree Rainforest

  • State: Queensland
  • Must-See Spots: Daintree River, Mossman Gorge, Daintree Discovery Center

You may have heard of the Daintree Rainforest, and that’s because it’s easily the best rainforest in Australia. It’s so well known and covers tons of land. In fact, it’s part of the most extensive rainforest area in all of Australia. 

As the oldest rainforest globally, Daintree Rainforest is filled with so many epic landmarks that you won’t want to miss. The Daintree Discovery Center is where you’ll want to start your trip to learn more about the rainforest. You could also take a hike around Mossman Gorge or check out the Daintree River.

Of course, there are also some fantastic tours and activities for you in the Daintree Rainforest, one of the great Australian jungles, with a guide. They include the Port Douglas: Mossman Gorge Day with River Drift Snorkeling, the Daintree Wilderness & Cape Tribulation Full-Day Tour, and the one for the Adrenaline junkies’ Cairns: Rainforest Bungy Jump

5. Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park

  • State: Tasmania
  • Must-See Spots: King William Saddle, Nelson Falls Nature Trail

This park is not to be confused with Oxley Wild Rivers National Park in New South Wales! Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in Tasmania is a beautiful rainforest in Australia that is known for its amazing wilderness and breathtaking gorges.

For the best views that you can get in the entire park, stop by King William Saddle. From there, you’ll be able to see all the way out to Frenchman’s Cap. If you’re more into rainforest walks and hikes, check out the easy Nelson Falls Nature Trail leading through the rainforest to a waterfall.

There are a few tours available that will le you through the park, or at least part of it. These include the Strahan: World Heritage Cruise on Gordon River with Lunch and the Western Wilderness Full Day Tour.

6. Kakadu National Park

  • State: Northern Territory
  • Must-See Spots: Manngarre Rainforest Walk, Cahills Crossing Lookout

Kakadu National Park is the biggest national park in all of Australia, so it’s also home to one of the best Australian jungles. These are monsoon rainforests with incredible viewpoints and lots of crocodiles. Be safe when visiting!

The best place to go in Kakadu National Park to check out the rainforest up close is the Manngarre Rainforest Walk. It’s made up of a few loop trails (that are relatively short) around the East Alligator River. They’re great if you’re traveling with families, too. 

While there aren’t any paid tours available of just the rainforest part of the national park, you can explore on your own or opt to join in with some free ranger activities. You can usually learn about these at a visitor center when visiting the national park. 

7. Budderoo National Park

  • State: New South Wales
  • Must-See Spots: Rainforest Loop Walk, Minnamurra Rainforest Centre

An epic rainforest in Australia is Budderroo National Park in New South Wales. It’s filled with marvelous waterfalls, a rainforest, and many different animals. Even though it may not be as visited as Daintree, Budderroo National Park will genuinely leave you feeling like you experienced the rainforest.

If you want to experience the rainforest personally, do the 30-minute Rainforest Loop Walk in Budderroo National Park. This is an easy walk that will bring you through some of the most beautiful parts of the rainforest and even across an epic suspension bridge. 

Some of the most outstanding tours that are offered of the park (if you want to visit with a guide) include the Sydney: Walking with Wombats Experience. Make sure you book in advance!

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