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Bali Packing List: The Ultimate Checklist for Female Travelers

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The beach is always calling in Bali! It is a little tropical paradise, where the sun is shining all year long! So, packing for Bali is easy! Yes, it really is! You just need to know how some things work in Bali and how you can pack lightweight and organized.

You don’t need to pack a lot of stuff when you plan on visiting Bali, not even when you go there for a longer time. So, there is a lot that you can leave at home! But other items, which I will discuss, you better not forget!

So, let’s go and let’s create your ultimate packing list for Bali! But first, I will give you some packing tips that you can keep in mind when packing for your trip to Bali!

Bali Travel Essential

  • Passport: Obviously you need to bring your passport to get in and out of Bali, so make sure to add this to your Bali packing checklist!
  • Visa: There are a couple of different visas you can apply for. You can get a tourist visa, which is valid for 30 days, when entering Bali. At the border you can also get a visa on arrival. This visa is also valid for 30 days, but you have the possibility to extend it with another 30 days without leaving Bali. If you like to stay in Bali for up to 6 months, you have to arrange a Social Visa before entering Bali at an Indonesian Embassy. For more information about an Indonesia visa, please check the official government website here.
  • Travel insurance: In my opinion, you can’t forget good travel insurance on any trip. We are with SafetyWing, which is a very affordable travel health insurance if you are traveling long term. If you go to Bali for a holiday, check out the travel insurance of Worldnomads, which is the best for any adventurous trip!
  • Wallet & credit card: Don’t forget your wallet and credit card as a payment method. Otherwise, you don’t get far!

Packing tips

  • Laundry services are cheap and fast: It doesn’t matter how long you plan on going to Bali, you only have to pack for a couple of days. There are many laundry services everywhere on the island which are very affordable (between 35 and 70 cents for a kilo). So, if you spilled ice cream on your shorts or tank top, don’t worry! Bring it to a laundry service and pick it up clean, ironed, and folded the next day. Doing the laundry has never been so easy!
  • Packing cubes: I absolutely love packing cubes! They are so easy to organize your stuff. Especially when you use different colors, for different items. For example, I use a small green one for my underwear and bikinis and a bigger blue one for my t-shirts and tank tops and a yellow one for my shorts. The packing cubes from Eagle Creek are ideal, because you can even compress your clothes with the extra zipper. So, with these packing cubes, you don’t just organize your clothes, but you also use less space in your bag or suitcase!
  • Bali is pretty developed. More and more each year. What I want to say with this, is that you don’t need to worry about forgetting certain items, as you can just get them on Bali. And probably even cheaper than you can get them at home. This is why I barely pack any toiletries when going to Bali. I go to the supermarket and get my stuff here. It saves me a lot of weight and space. There are some things you better not forget to bring to Bali, but I will cover these in the part ‘toiletries’.

Electronics to pack for Bali

  • Phone: A phone comes in handy every day, and so it will be handy during your Bali trip. Navigate with Google Maps, book an experience or a tour with the Get Your Guide app, take a selfie or book a hotel with
  • Camera + spare SD card: Bali is a perfect destination for photography and you definitely want to bring your camera! Also add a spare SD card to your Bali packing list, as you will most probably take a lot of pictures of all the beautiful Balinese landscapes.
  • Tablet or Laptop: I always bring my laptop for work and I just love it to use it for a Netflix movie every now and then. So, either pick one or both or just leave it all at home, as there is enough entertainment in Bali!
  • Universal adapter: Bali uses the standard Europlug socket with two round prongs. So, if this is not the plug you use at home, bring a universal travel adapter to be able to charge your stuff.
  • Power bank: Always handy to bring a power bank! This power bank, with a capacity of 25800mAh, is able to charge your phone 6-8 times and is still super affordable!

Accessories to bring to Bali

Water bottle: Since 2019 Bali is totally one-time plastic-free. Therefore, you won’t find any plastic straws in restaurants or plastic plates and cups in supermarkets. Help them a bit to use as less as possible plastic bottles by bringing your own water bottle! Most hotels and hostels provide drinking water to fill up your water bottle.

Hat or cap: No matter when you will visit Bali, the sun is shining! Protect yourself from sunburn by wearing a hat or a cap when out in the sun.

Raincoat or poncho: Especially during the rainy season (October – April), you should be prepared for a heavy rain shower. Normally they last an hour or so, but sometimes they will last a lot longer! If you have a lightweight rain jacket at home, bring it. If not, it’s probably a lot cheaper to buy it in Bali when you need it.

Dry bag: A dry bag is always handy to take with you. Keep your stuff away from water, sand on the beach, and safe when you go on an excursion on the sea.

Flipflops: Unforgettable! Everyone is wearing flipflops! To the beach, to a restaurant, when shopping or when driving your motorbike. Yes, definitely add flipflops to your Bali packing list!

Sturdy Shoes: Plan on doing a hike? Add a bit more sturdy shoes, like sneakers, to your Bali checklist.

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Beach Wear for Sunny Bali Days

  • Bikinis: I don’t think this needs a lot of explanation. Going to Bali means going to the sun, to the beach, and chilling at the swimming pool. So a bikini or 2 is definitely a must!
  • A light cardigan or microfiber towel or Turkish style hammam towel: Some accommodation provide beach towels, others don’t. Check it out and make sure to bring one of these when your accommodation isn’t providing anything you can bring to the beach or use at the pool.
  • Beach bag or day pack: Bring a beach bag or day pack to pack some small stuff like a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a camera if you go somewhere for a day or two.

Bali packing guide for clothes

  • Short shorts: The average temperature is over 30°C all year round. Therefore, you don’t have to bring much more than 2 or 3 short shorts or skirts. I told you it is easy to pack for Bali!
  • Tank tops: Same for tank tops! Don’t worry about the weather, it’s gonna be hot! Bring only a couple of tank tops and wash when dirty.
  • Long-sleeved blouse or t-shirt: It might be a good idea to bring 1 long-sleeved blouse or t-shirt. During the rainy season, it can feel a bit cooler when the rain keeps on falling down. During the dry season, the evenings can be a bit cooler and you might feel comfier wearing something longer than a tank-top.
  • Linen pants: Same as above! If you get cold quickly, you might like to bring 1 long pair of linen pants. It’s a good idea to wear these items on the plane, so you don’t have to pack them!
  • Pair of socks: If you plan on hiking and you bring some sturdy shoes, add a pair of socks to your Bali packing list.
  • Underwear: Probably don’t need to explain this one! Just don’t overpack. Instead, wash your laundry once or twice a week.

Toiletries you need to bring to Bali

  • Sunscreen 30+: The sun shines a lot in Bali! And very bright! So, make sure to protect yourself from sunburn. I would highly recommend bringing SPF30 or even more if you are sensitive to the sun. It’s also possible to buy sunscreen in Bali, but the choices are less and it’s not any cheaper than in Europe or the USA. I highly recommend checking out Reef Safe Sunscreen. This sunscreen is 100% environmentally friendly!
  • Tampons: Girls, bring tampons! In Bali, they don’t really seem to know these annoying, but still so handy little things! And if you can find them, the quality sucks. You can also consider using a mooncup, which is a lot more environmentally friendly!
  • Women’s razor: In Bali, you can find razors, but they might not be the best quality. Instead, I always rely on my Venus Travel Razor!
  • Hand sanitizer: If you’ve looked into Bali just a little bit, you’ve probably heard of the ‘Bali belly’. You can do a lot of things yourself to avoid this, like making sure your hands are clean when eating. I always have a little hand sanitizer with me, so that if there is no possibility to wash my hands properly, I can use this to kill most of the sneaky germs!
  • Mosquito repellent or tiger balm: Having summer year-round, also means there are mosquitos year-round! During the rainy season there’s more of them, but always be prepared by adding some mosquito repellant to your Bali checklist. Did you know tiger balm also helps really well to keep the mozzies away? You can also buy these items in kind of every supermarket in Bali.
  • After bite: After bite is a bit less common in the Bali supermarkets, but tiger balm also helps to get rid of the itch!
  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste: This one is pretty straight forward. You can buy it in Bali as well, but the choices are less.
  • Shampoo & Conditioner: Only bring these when you really favor a specific brand. Otherwise, just get it in any supermarket to pack lighter and smaller!
  • Prescription medicines: They do have a lot of medication in Bali, some are probably a lot cheaper, but it might take some time before you find a place that can provide what you are looking for. So, when you need certain medicines, you better make sure you bring enough!

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Thanks a lot for checking out this Bali Packing List. I hope this helps you to get an insight of what to bring and what not to bring to Bali to pack as economical as possible!Have you been to Bali and do you have a tip or are you going to Bali and do you have a question? Please leave a comment below!

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